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Chromebook set to dual-boot with Windows 10

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Google is reportedly working on a dual-boot feature for Chromebooks. The developing team at Google is apparently working on many code-commits, and the feature will possibly be soon announced officially by Google. Originally named as Alt-OS under the Project Campfire, the feature is now dubbed as dual-booting which is certainly more descriptive. While many code-commits still use Alt-OS, the front facing perspective is termed as “Dual Boot”.


The project is still under developments, and for now, the only device being tested is Eve, the Pixelbook. This is the only device with a Campfire build of Chrome OS. Google will supposedly bring dual-booting to a single model of Chromebook and then will roll out for other gradually which makes sense.


Chromebook will dual-boot with Windows 10

There will obviously be some hardware changes required to switch from Chrome OS to Microsoft Windows OS. Google is planning to mark off 40GB of storage for Windows, but again, there is no official announcement yet released. Eve has the required hardware drivers for Windows.

So, for now, Google is using only Eve to test the feature and booting both the Operating Systems back on forth. The major concern while switching the OS is security and Google surely is working on it. The project seems to be ready almost and might soon be announced officially.

Google might probably make the announcement at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show, though Microsoft is not seen at CES for the last few years. Usually, Microsoft’s device partners put up at the CES show floor.

We know that Chromebooks are not the fully featured devices like Windows and this new dual-booting feature will certainly be loved. We just wish the Chromebooks hardware to be compatible with Windows OS and deliver the great Windows experience. We have no idea when the feature will be rolled out, so just keep a check on our updates.



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