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Manage Firefox tabs, bookmarks and containers in the sidebar


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Sidebery is a new extension for the Firefox web browser to manage browser tabs, bookmarks, and containers in the sidebar.


The default sidebar of the Firefox web browser may display bookmarks or the browsing history already; Sidebery extends the functionality by adding open tabs and containers.


The extension adds a new sidebar to Firefox to control open tabs, containers, and bookmarks. It displays an icon bar at the top that you use to navigate between the different elements. You may close and open the sidebar with a tab on F1, or by pressing Alt and selecting View > Sidebar > Nav Center.


A click on the bookmark icon displays the bookmark structure and options to navigate it.  A left-click on any bookmark opens it in the current tab, a middle-click in a new tab.


You can use keyboard modifiers to open links, or the right-click menu to get advanced options such as loading bookmarks in specific containers. You may use the menu to edit or delete bookmarks right from the sidebar.


firefox sidebar container tabs


Open tabs are displayed in a vertical layout that uses multiple levels to indicate relationship. The default tabs listing displays all tabs except for those that are loaded in containers.


The right-click menu displays options to load open tabs in a container, to move it to a new window or private browsing window, and to run operations on it such as mute, pin or duplicate.


There is also a useful "clear cookies" option that you may use to clear cookies set by that domain.


A click on a container icon displays tabs loaded in that container; a double-click opens a new tab in the container. The right-click menu displays the same operations that you get in the regular open tabs listing.


Sideberry supports the creation of new containers from the sidebar. A click on the settings icon lists customization options; lots of them.


You may change click actions, e.g. that a double-click on a tab reloads it or mutes it, or that a long left-click clears the cookies.


Bookmarks can be opened in new tabs automatically, horizontal scroll may be enabled to switch between panels using the mouse, or you may change the theme and default font size.


The settings listing displays supported keybindings.  You may use Alt-G to select all items, switch between containers using Alt-Period or Alt-Comma, or use Ctrl-Delete to delete the active tab.


Switching between panels may change the active tab automatically. You can disable that in the settings if you prefer to keep the current tab active before you switch to another panel in the sidebar.

Closing Words

Sideberry is a powerful extension for Firefox that improves tab, bookmarking and container management. It is especially useful to Firefox users who run Mozilla's Containers extension as it improves the management of container tabs  in Firefox.


Source: Manage Firefox tabs, bookmarks and containers in the sidebar (gHacks - Martin Brinkmann)

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