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Who Has More Than One Account Here ? and why?


Who Has More Than One Account Here ? and why?  

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  1. 1. How Many Accounts Do You Have In Our Forum? Please explain why you opened another account.

    • Only one.
    • More than one.
    • Had an account in the past but forgot and opened another.
    • Lost my password and opened another.
    • Know of other members that have multiple accounts.
    • Felt Intimidated or uncomfortable so decided to start fresh.
    • Was being bullied by some members and saw no other option.
    • Didn't like my name choice or made a spelling error so i created another account.

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  • Crazycanuk pinned this topic

I have one account but I want to create another one for browsing the forum with plausible deniability, otherwise the forums shows exactly what you're doing (watching a thread, a status reply, etc) and there's no option to hide this.


Actually I have to open most of the pages I don't intend on 'reacting' in Incognito Mode to prevent the status watcher from picking it up, but for subforums that require logging in / status replies it's a loss.


Could you provide an option to be stealth on the forum? I mean, an option that makes it impossible for users to know we're online unless we post / react to something (i.e. make an interaction).


Namely: Hiding the username from the 'Recently browsing: x member(s)' on the bottom of threads / subforums, hiding the username in a profile's visitors page and especially disable the 'Last visited: ' option as well as the 'Current activity: watching x thread' in user profiles.


You could also provide an option to follow an user anonymously without showing up in their profile (I can see who follows me, and it even shows if they tried to follow anonymously).


I can't even visit nsane at times I want so the Last visited status doesn't pick it up or have to do it in Incognito Mode, which makes me miss user mentions or people requesting something.


Artifacts that can tell of an user's presence / last activity without actively interacting such as liking a post or posting a comment should be provided with a Stealth option for those who want it.


Also, the 'Hide my online status' option at login is flawed, it doesn't hide anything.. :unsure:

Actually the only way to meet these Stealth needs are to make an alt account just for browing the forum..

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5 hours ago, Dukun Cabul said:

I have 2 accounts




Already PM you and other Staff in January 17th to close my second account but no response


Sorry for this!

I'll personally ensure that this is done ASAP.

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Only one, had intended to make the second account just because thinking about using another username but it turned out this forum allowed changing the username so i canceled.:P

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I used to have 2 accounts.The reason whyI used it .Because the many years ago the forums have some bug that evern your use the right password it still not let you in and it keeps telling you that you use the wrong password. But after that bug got fixed I never used my second account again :welcome:






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Yahoo translate is not good :(
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