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Intel has confirmed their plans for a discrete GPU to release in 2020


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Intel has now officially confirmed that they will release a discrete GPU that will be available in 2020. While we already knew they were planning it, actually giving it a date makes it that little bit more real.






Their Twitter post sent out earlier simply said this:

Intel's first discrete GPU coming in 2020: https://intel.ly/2ylFwrl 

The link was to an older article (the one we covered before), but there's also this article from MarketWatch (Intel retweeted it, so it's legitimate) which confirms that Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich, also said so during an analyst event last week. From the article:


Intel did not go into detail about what performance level or target market this first discrete GPU solution might address, but Intel’s executive vice president of the data center group, Navin Shenoy, confirmed that the company’s strategy will include solutions for data center segments (think AI, machine learning) along with client (think gaming, professional development).


It's going to be a fun time for PC enthusiasts. With the only players currently being NVIDIA and AMD, this could firmly shake up the market resulting in even more competition and hopefully lower prices too.


Hopefully Intel will stick with their open source drivers for Linux, like they do for their integrated graphics. Would be a huge shame if they didn't.



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Not sure about others, but I'm happy to see this. More competition means better products and better prices I think.

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