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Microsoft announces a new web badge for Store apps and games


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Today, Microsoft announced new badges for Microsoft Store apps and games, which can be embedded in websites. The new badge will automatically pull in your app logo, pricing, ratings, and artwork from the Store listing. This includes sale pricing, so the badge on your website will automatically be updated with the price of your app.

Previously, developers have had to use a static image on their sites that would say something like "Get it from Microsoft", or the older "Download from Windows Store". Now, the badge will be dynamic, meaning that it can change as the app listing is changed.


Microsoft didn't say in its blog post if it will continue promoting the old badges for those that want to use them, or if the new ones will completely replace the old ones. We've reached out to the company for clarification.

If you want to see the new badges in action, the Major Nelson blog is already using them. You can find an example right here.


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