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  1. Long time no see, I finally had time to post­čśş. In our daily life, we often meet children secretly open their own computers to play games.Or when you leave and forget to lock your computer, someone uses a USB flash drive to copy your important file.Although we will set password or encryption to important files but it is still not safe enough.Here will be introduced two method to solve these problems, and one method requires the use of an application and another method only needs to use the command. Method one: USB Shutdown´╝Ü download link´╝Ü(https://www.trishtech.com/download
  2. Motrix is a cross-platform, open-source download manager for Windows, Linux and macOS Everyone has a favorite download manager. IDM has been my go-to choice for nearly a decade. But as an enthusiast, I test new ones from time-to-time. Motrix has been on my radar for a while, I gave it a fair shot. The program is cross-platform and open-source. Motrix has a dual-pane GUI and a sidebar, and the design is modern. The Tasks tab is the primary screen, it has three tabs of its own, for accessing ongoing, paused and completed downloads. To begin a new
  3. Taskbar Sound Badges adds audio indicators to Windows taskbar icons Taskbar Sound Badges is a new application for Microsoft Windows devices that adds audio badges to the Windows taskbar to highlight programs that play sound. The program is released as an alpha preview at the time of writing. It is compatible with Windows 7 and newer versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems, and comes as a 93 Kilobyte archive. The homepage offers the following description of the program's functionality: This small program monitors which applications are cur
  4. Change the resolution of your primary monitor instantly with QuickChangeResolution Many people use multiple monitors, some prefer it for work or gaming, or just for their day-to-day usage. If you are using monitors of different sizes, there is a chance that the resolution is not the same but different. This is more common if you are a laptop user, with an external display plugged in. Windows has an option to change the display resolution for each monitor, though you'll need to jump through a couple of menus to make the changes. QuickChangeResolution helps s
  5. Restrict the mouse cursor to a specific part of the screen or a window with Lock Cursor Tools Multi-tasking can improve your productivity, and help get things done. But having many programs running in the background can sometimes cause problems of its own. Alt + Tab and Windows + Tab help manage the task a bit easier, but this introduces a different issue. You may keep switching to the wrong window. This happens with the mouse too, when you click outside an application's window. Lock Cursor Tools can help prevent this problem. It is a freeware application
  6. ServiceTray allows you to control any Windows Service quickly from the system tray Do you manually start specific services in Windows? Some people do this, when they want to run a program or two for a short time. Normally, most administrators use Services.msc, Windows' built-in service management tool, for controlling the program's dependent services. That's not exactly the fastest way though, since you have to open the tool, search through the list, find the service, and then start or stop it. ServiceTray is a freeware application that lets you
  7. Whenever we open the Windows Log Viewer program, its complex interface always makes it difficult to read.The software's ability to sort by category and set filtering criteria makes viewing more efficient.It mainly classifies events in a tree structure.In addition to being able to click on events to see their attributes, the software also comes with 'ID Internet Database Search' and 'Microsoft Knowledge Base Search.' In addition, its flexible search function is also worthy of praise.You can search by category by date, event ID, and so on. In addition, it has many particularly prac
  8. Outlook for Windows is getting suggested replies Microsoft introduced suggested replies for Outlook on the web in 2018, giving users the ability to quickly reply to email messages with AI-powered suggestions based on the contents of the email. The feature has since made its way to Android and iOS versions of Outlook, but users of the Windows desktop app were left in the cold. That's changing soon, though, as a new item on the Microsoft 365 roadmap indicates that the feature is now in development for Outlook for Windows. Similar to other platforms, suggested
  9. Killer is an open source Task Manager that lets you end several tasks at once Have you encountered a random program freezing up? The usual fix is to open the Windows Task Manager, and manually "End the Task". or to use a different process manager, such as Process Lasso, MiTec Task Manager Deluxe, or Process Explorer to take care of the misbehaving process. That works, most of the time. Now, if a program has a lot of sub-processes under it and freezes, that's going to be annoying. This is where the "Kill Process Tree" option comes in handy. But only when the
  10. Iperius Backup is a user-friendly program for backing up your files and folders When it comes to backing up data, I prefer automating the task. It's a lot more convenient, a safer option, and one less thing to worry about. Which backup program do you use? My choice is usually Macrium Reflect, but I decided to take Iperius Backup for a spin. The program has a ribbon interface with a simple color palette. Iperius Backup runs in the background to run scheduled tasks, you can access it from the system tray. Click on the "Create new backup" button at the center
  11. Add, remove text from PDFs with the free and offline PicoPDF tool Have a PDF that you need to edit? Most PDF readers don't give you the option to modify the contents. And the ones that do, often tend to be online tools or commercial products. PicoPDF is an easy to use, offline PDF editor that lets you edit text and add images to your documents. The program has a ribbon interface, though the Home tab has all the tools you'll need to edit PDFs. Drag and drop a PDF document onto the GUI, or use the Open button to select one. PicoPDF displays the co
  12. Xiret is an open source tool that calculates your computer's Windows Experience Index scores Windows Experience Index is a popular metric from Microsoft, and is used to assess the performance of a computer. You can get your WEI score on Windows 10 using a few methods. But if you want a simple way for getting the system's results, you should use a program like Xiret, or the previously reviewed Windows Experience Index OK. The Xiret application requires administrator rights to run. Xiret has a simple interface, which is kind of text-heavy, i.e. it
  13. This problem usually occurs on computers running both Windows and Linux.This problem occurs when you use Windows' built-in formatting function to delete the Linux system installed on your disk´╝łFor details, please see the following figure).If you fit the picture then this article will help you. GNU GRUB (Grand Unified Bootloader "GRUB" for short) is a multi-operating system boot program from the GNU project.GRUB is an implementation of the Multiple Boot Specification, which allows users to have multiple operating systems on a computer at the same time and select which operating system t
  14. Create a custom menu, add shortcuts for files, folders, URLs, and access it from a desktop shortcut with PopSel Is your desktop or taskbar full of shortcuts that you use regularly? While it may be a quick way to access your programs, it doesn't look neat. Forget docks, take the minimalistic approach instead. PopSel is a freeware application that allows you to create a custom menu, add shortcuts for files, folders, URLs, and access it from a desktop shortcut. The program is portable, run its EXE, and it'll say that a menu doesn't exist and offers
  15. Microsoft Windows Security Updates March 2021 overview Microsoft released security updates and non-security updates on the Marc 2021 Patch Day for all supported versions of Windows and other company products. This guide provides system administrators and home users with information on the released patches and related information. You find links to all major security updates released by Microsoft for Windows, links to direct downloads, information on known issues as reported by Microsoft, and other information. Click here to open the February 2021 Update over
  16. Swifty is an open source and offline password manager for Windows, MacOS and Linux Many people are switching from LastPass, and looking for suitable alternatives. The popular choice seems to be Bitwarden, though I prefer an offline tool like KeePass. But those aren't the only options available, there are many open source programs to choose from. Swifty is an open source and offline password manager for Windows, MacOS and Linux. The best part about offline password managers is that you can start using them right away, without registering for an account.
  17. Revisiting Quicklock, a Mac-like file previewer for Windows I reviewed Quicklook, a free portable and open source program for Microsoft's Windows operating system back in 2017 when the program was first released. The program brings the quick preview functionality known from Mac OS systems to Windows; all you have to do is tap on the Space key while a file is selected to preview it, provided that its file type is supported. Previewing worked really well back then already, and the main point of criticism I had back then was that it tended to consume a lot of memory and CP
  18. Taskbar Monitor displays a deskband to indicate your computer's resource usage Multi-tasking comes at a cost, resource usage. You run many programs at the same time, and of course it is going to chug a little. Have you noticed when your computer begins to open programs or load files slowly? Most people open the Task Manager, and some even leave it open with the "Always on Top" option enabled, just so that they can keep an eye on their system's usage. That takes a good chunk of on-screen space. If you do that, but want an easier way to monitor your computer'
  19. Dupe Clear is an open source duplicate file finder tool for Windows Running low on storage space? That's a common issue, especially on low-end laptops; you use various programs, browse the internet, and the number of files keep getting higher. Try running Windows' Disk Cleanup, you never know how much trash accumulated in the Recycle Bin, and those Windows Update files, those take up a lot of space. You may also try third-party applications such as CleanMgr+ or PatchCleaner to free up space. Another reason why your hard drive could be nearing maximum capaci
  20. I believe many friends who often help others install Windows will encounter the following error messages´╝Ü ÔÇťThe computer accidentally restarted or encountered an error. Windows installation can not continue. To install Windows, click confirm to restart the computer and restart the installationÔÇŁ. But after we restart the computer, the error message still appears.This error usually occurs during the deployment phase after the system file is copied to restart the computer(OOBE). It's really annoying.Now I'll show you how to solve this mistake. ´╝łThere are three ways to choose
  21. Add a video wallpaper to your desktop, or pin applications to the desktop with Active Desktop Plus Do you like Live wallpapers? Active Desktop Plus is a Windows program that allows you to pin other programs to the desktop and use video wallpapers. Tip: if you like animated wallpapers, check out our reviews of AutoWall, Awesome Wallpaper, Lively Wallpaper, and Desktop Movie. The program is portable, and extracts to a 1.62MB folder. ADP as its referred to in short, has a compact interface with a side panel on the left. The sidebar has 4 icons, one
  22. Capture your screen and save it as a MP4, GIF with Electron Screen Recorder Want to share a short video of your screen? Teach somebody how to use something? All you need is a quick way to capture the content, and Electron Screen Recorder can help you with that. The application's interface has just 4 options, and a large blank pane. Click on the phrase "Choose a video source". A menu will pop up with various capture modes. The first option "Entire Screen" captures the content on your current screen. When you select the option, you will see a live
  23. Neat Download Manager is an impressive downloader that also supports media grabbing What's a good free alternative for IDM? The answer varies, depending on what you need a download manager for. You'd be hard-pressed to find a proper one that mimics all of IDM's features, especially the refresh download link/resume it and the batch downloads. But if you're looking for a way to download files quickly, and capture video URLs, you might want to give Neat Download Manager a shot. NDM's interface is simple and reminds me of HTTP Downloader. Click the
  24. Access your favorite programs from the system tray and optionally run them with admin rights using SuperLauncher Sometimes you may need to run programs with administrator privileges. Maybe it's required for the program to function, or it fixes an issue, or lets the application run in full-screen mode. The usual method to do this, is to right-click on the executable and select the run as administrator option. You could create shortcuts for these programs, but it will quickly clutter your desktop. Is there a way to tackle both these issues? There is, if you u
  25. DuckStation is an excellent PlayStation 1 emulator for Windows, Linux, macOS and Android The PlayStation 1, Nintendo SNES, GBA, and DS are my favorite consoles of all-time because they have tons of RPGs. I remember playing WWF/WCW games, and many JRPGs on my old Windows 98 computer using ePSXe back in the 2000s. Emulation has come a long way since then; there have been many advancements, improvements and of course new emulators. DuckStation is a PSX emulator and a brilliant one at that. It comes with a QT-based GUI version and a no-GUI version.
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