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Latest NetMarketShare stats see a minor drop in Google Chrome’s market share and a minor rise in Windows 7


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As we proceed to a new month, NetMarketShare has updated their starts for progress made in the month of April 2018 by the various browsers and operating systems.




This month the numbers contain a few surprises, including a minor drop in Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge market share while surprisingly Internet Explorer saw a rise. Also, as Microsoft rolled out a new update for Windows 10, NetMarketShare’s data showed a drop in the market share of the operating system.




Desktop Browser Share April 2018 https://t.co/ToJ5oGxAih

Chrome 62% ?
IE 12% ?
FF 10% ?
Edge 4% ? pic.twitter.com/IRiLyW7N4e

— Tero Alhonen (@teroalhonen) May 2, 2018



According to the numbers, Google Chrome dropped from 61.77% to 61.69% which is not a big change but is noticeable. Also, Firefox dropped from 10.52% to 10.17% and Microsoft Edge saw a decline from 4.46% to 4.45%. Surprisingly enough, Internet Explorer saw a rise from 12.20% to 12.30%.



Coming to the Windows numbers, unfortunately, Windows 10 saw a drop in the market share this month. Last month Windows 10 was running on 33.83% machines which dropped to 33.81% this month. Also, Windows 8.1 saw a drop from 5.46% to 5.25% and Windows XP fell from 4.59% to 4.36%. However, Windows 7 saw a rise from 43.44% to 43.57%.




The numbers aren’t looking good for Microsoft especially in the browser department as users seem to stick with third-party browsers instead of making a switch to Microsoft Edge.


Sources: NetMarketShare & MSPoweruser



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Google Chrome is not what is has been to be in the past.

In my case I can mention the following situations fot not using it so much:

-slow when compare to Slimjet which I used now 90% of the time.

-No ad blocker

-Google bar not working properly in my Android, Nexus 6P, Nougat

-crash frequently when copy and paste with my Android phone


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Some things I have understood from some time now. While this is my personal view, I am sure there can be some statistics which show this later. I have found that a lot of regular Firefox users have switched to other browsers or the non-regular release after the major upgrade and in return, a lot of Chrome users, atleast those expertised with internet and computers, have switched or switched back to Firefox, from what I can understand of all this.

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