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Opera announces Opera Touch, a new mobile browser designed for one-handed use


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Opera has released a new web browser for Android, the Opera Touch. The browser is designed around one-handed use and also improving the sharing of content between mobile and desktop browser.




The new mobile browser launches directly with the search field activated and the keyboard open every time, so you can start typing immediately. A Fast Action Button or FAB is placed near the bottom of the screen. This button opens a carousel of options when you press and hold it, and commonly done tasks such as switching tabs, reloading the page or going back can all be done from here without having to reach for the top of the phone's screen.


Opera Touch also includes other features, such as ad-blocker, cryptojacking protection, QR and barcode scanner and a dynamic speed dial feature that changes with your browsing patterns.


Another feature is Flow. With this, users can send links from Opera Touch on their mobile and the desktop Opera browser. The connection is established between the two browsers by scanning a QR code and there is no need to setup any account for sync. After that, by accessing a button in the FAB menu, users can send links to the desktop browser and vice versa instantly. The connection between the two end-to-end encrypted.



To work with Opera Touch, Opera has also released an updated version of its desktop browser for Windows, Mac and Linux.



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