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(YET  ANOTHER)  WARNING .... [uncensored]


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part 1




Your online activities are now being tracked and recorded by various government and corporate entities around the world. This information can be used against you at any time and there is no real way to “opt out”.


In the past decade, we have seen the systematic advancement of the surveillance apparatus throughout the world. The United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada have all passed laws allowing, and in some cases forcing, telecom companies to bulk-collect your data:


United States – In March 2017 the US Congress passed legislation that allows internet service providers to collect, store, and sell your private browsing history, app usage data, location information and more – without your consent. This essentially allows Comcast, Verizon, AT&T and other providers to monetize and sell their customers to the highest bidders (usually for targeted advertising).


United Kingdom – In November 2016 the UK Parliament passed the infamous Snoopers Charter (Investigatory Powers Act) which forces internet providers and phone companies to bulk-collect customer data. This includes private browsing history, social media posts, phone calls, text messages, and more. This information is stored for 12 months in a giant database that is accessible to 48 different government agencies. The erosion of free speech is also rapidly underway as various laws allow UK authorities to lock up anyone they deem to be “offensive” (1984 is already here).


Australia – In April 2017 the Australian government passed a massive data retention law that forces telecoms to collect and store text messages, phone calls, location information, and internet connection data for a full two years, with the data being accessible to authorities without a warrant.


Canada, Europe, and other parts of the world have similar laws and policies already in place.

What you are witnessing is the rapid expansion of the global surveillance state, whereby corporate and government entities work together to monitor and record everything you do.


What the hell is going on here?


Perhaps you are wondering why all this is happening.




There is a simple answer to that question.


Just like we have seen throughout history, government surveillance is simply a tool used for control. This could be for maintaining control of power, controlling a population, or controlling the flow of information in a society. You will notice that the violation of your right to privacy will always be justified by various excuses – from “terrorism” to tax evasion – but never forget, it’s really about control.


Along the same lines, corporate surveillance is also about control. Collecting your data helps private entities control your buying decisions, habits, and desires. The tools for doing this are all around you: apps on your devices, social networks, tracking ads, and many free products which simply bulk-collect your data (when something is free, you are the product).


This is why the biggest collectors of private data – Google and Facebook – are also the two businesses that completely dominate the online advertising industry. So to sum this up, advertising today is all about the buying and selling of individuals.


But it gets even worse…


Now we have the full-scale cooperation between government and corporate entities to monitor your every move. In other words, governments are now enlisting private corporations to carry out bulk data collection on entire populations. Your internet service provider is your adversary working on behalf of the surveillance state.


This basic trend is happening in much of the world, but it has been well documented in the United States with the PRISM Program.


So why should you care?


Everything that’s being collected could be used against you today, or at any time in the future, in ways you may not be able to imagine. In many parts of the world, particularly in the UK, thought crime laws are already in place. If you do something that is deemed to be “offensive”, you could end up rotting away in a jail cell for years. Again, we have seen this tactic used throughout history for locking up dissidents – and it is alive and well in the Western world today.


From a commercial standpoint, corporate surveillance is already being used to steal your data and hit you with targeted ads, thereby monetizing your private life.

Reality check

Many talking heads in the media will attempt to confuse you by pretending this is a problem with a certain politician or perhaps a political party. But that’s a bunch of garbage to distract you from the bigger truth. For decades, politicians from all sides (left and right) have worked hard to advance the surveillance agenda around the world. Again, it’s all about control, regardless of which puppet is in office.


So contrary to what various groups are saying, you are not going to solve this problem by writing a letter to another politician or signing some online petition. Forget about it.


Instead, you can take concrete steps right now to secure your data and protect your privacy. Restore Privacy is all about giving you the tools and information to do that.


If you feel overwhelmed by all this, just relax. The privacy tools you need are easy to use no matter what level of experience you have. 


Arguably the most important privacy tool is a good VPN (virtual private network). A VPN will encrypt and anonymize your online activity by creating a secured tunnel between your computer and a VPN server. This makes your data and online activities unreadable to government surveillance, your internet provider, hackers, and other third-party snoopers. A VPN will also allow you to spoof your location, hide your real IP address, and allow you to access blocked content from anywhere in the world.


Check out the best VPN guide to get started.

Stay safe!





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Actually  in the USA  they just  repelled  laws made up during the Obama-era  that were only in effect like 2 years  and he was in there 8,  lets see the www was made in 1991 so for like 25 out of 27 years isps have been able to sell you're data . And it never mattered to no one before  and it really didn't matter but to a  few when it got repelled or it would of  never been allowed, they didn't allow them  to repeal  health care (ObamaCare)  when they tired.   People been giving  there data  to facebook , google,  twitter  and the list goes on and on   for years and years and Obama never passed no laws were to stop  the tech giants from selling you're data.  so the isps seen it as unfair to them.  Buy a vpn if you don't want them to sell you're data . :)



As Wired reporter Klint Finley told the NewsHour, those FCC rules never actually went into effect, meaning technically, Tuesday’s measure doesn’t change anything. The rules to protect customer data were passed in October of last year but wouldn’t have taken effect until December 2017, Finley said. So the bill passed on Tuesday simply blocks those rules from taking effect, Finley said.


That said, Tuesday’s measure does create some wrinkles in the debate over consumer privacy in the rapidly growing Internet of Things. Namely, the measure blocks the FCC not only from implementing the 2016 rules, but pursuing others like them.


“Mostly it means that internet service providers now have the go-ahead to sell data,” Finley explained. “It was already technically legal, but if any companies were holding off on doing it while they waited to see if the laws went into effect or not, they don’t have to wait anymore.”



There never was no laws in effect  in the USA saying ISPs  could not sell you're data they got kicked out before they went in effect even . The way laws work in the USA is they  have a set date before they get enforced . If they pass laws  1 or 2  years before and  election its a big chance they will be repealed  if another party gets in .

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1 hour ago, jiski said:

Very good information. I say all countrys the same, same people, do same thing & fight.

LOL   theres a difference in trying to fight  from new laws  from passing than laws that never went in effect,  but the fact was  the same  journalist were against giving  big  Government control  of the Internet  and after it passed and got repealed  they were against it getting repealed. They just want to sell a story  and feed fear to the fear mongers and i can only speak for my own country . At least with the ISPs controlling it   if you don't like and ISP methods of doing things you can change  ISP.  But when the government controls you're Internet they can do what they please  to you .


I believe  in  free private enterprise  were the government can't  set policy on non government  ran companies . We already have to pay taxes  we don't need them messing us up from making a profit . Everytime they gave control of the airways  to the FCC  in every case it's been a disaster  and backfired  it don't make things better for us it makes it worse.   you give the Government control of the Internet next thing you know they will be knocking at  our door with a court order  like  they was back in the days of CB radio. 


You want to kill the Internet industry just give the  control over to the government  . They will kill it just like did CB Radios  back in the 70s and 80s  and more recently Cable TV and satellite before the Government got a hold of it we had many commercial free cable stations  and they  gave other stations rights to play  other networks shows so the networks had to start showing commercials to make a profit . Now no one wants to  buy Cable no more  and they are losing millions of costumers to iptv  ,Kodi and apks this is a example of what the  government  getting there  hands on things do.

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Government control a lot in all countrys.  They say not but they do.  Government like fights. People not.  Good use VPN.

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Strange thing was  i never needed a VPN  tell the Obama-era,  he was pro Hollywood,  my ISP  never sent out warnings for using p2p but because  under his adminship he allowed bittorrent trolls and isps  to send out warnings without a real law being passed and now   they sue isps for not sending out warnings  like they did Cox . As far as I know my ISP has never sent out any warnings ,  i just use a vpn to be safe,   but that don't mean soon they don't take my isp to court for not sending out warnings . They need  pass a real law on it were  ether ISP have to do it or not.

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Beautiful topic. I love this kind of info.

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Awesome topic. I would like to add some more :


I've nothing to hide.


I don't know where do this 'nothing to hide' comes from but it's completely flawed logic, almost programmed.


You shall hide everything that's nobody's business except yours.


You have nothing to hide and nothing to show either.


Your ISP is only supposed to give you Internet access, and that's all.


They aren't supposed to know anything in the first place except that you're a customer paying for a Service.


BlackBox products


For exampe, in Europe your ISP gives you a 'blackbox' router for which you don't know what is in and you're not allowed to know anyway.


  • That automatically updates without consent


  • You're not allowed to open it


  • You're not allowed to replace the firmware with an opensource one


  • The blackbox logs everything it gets
  1. MAC Addresses
  2. Incoming & Outgoing IPs
  3. DNS records
  4. Timestamps for everything
  5. Temperature data
  6. Uptime
  7. They watch everything you do on the graphical HDMI interface (VNC Access ?)
  8. They know every button you clicked on


That's scary stuff, one day we won't be able to talk around one of these blackboxes anymore because who knows if they don't have mics.


Forced Auto-Update


Google Chrome, Windows 10, your BlackBox you call a 'router', your phone and almost EVERY proprietary hardware / software.


They all automatically update themselves and blocking the mechanism is increasingly difficult (especially Windows 10).


Almost reminds me of how hard it is now to remove a smartphone's battery unit...


Don't you find it shocking that in a few years Microsoft will be able to alter the behavior of almost every computer worldwide to their liking ?


They backdoored Windows 7 with GWX updates, then forced everyone into a backdoored, Auto-Updating Windows 10.


Everything follows the same trend, I tried Windows 10 and it feels like you lose control, you feel unsafe and think carefully before writing anything even offline.


When something auto-updates, that means it cans change its behavior at any given time and go rogue.


Forced obsolescence


Have you ever tried to keep your Android phone on Android 4 ? Your iDevice to iOS 8 ? Then you know what I mean.


Devs are more and more pressured into using the latest Apple & Google SDKs and forced to drop support for older OS versions that otherwise would work just fine.


You also see this in the AMO (Firefox) and Chrome webstores : Addons almost always require the newest browser versions even trough an older version would work just fine.


Also, Google, Mozilla and Apple are doing everything they can to erase older versions of the their store Apps / Addons.


Encryption is for terrorists (blah blah blah...)


Another lie you may encounter is that encryption is useless for you and only a criminal or a terrorist would need it to evade the mandatory govt & ISP surveillance.


Looking for Tor puts you under scrunity and looking for Tails gets you labeled as a terrorist.


Using VPNs in totalitarian states gets you put in jail no matter what you did : You tried to evade surveillance so you're a criminal and this trend in growing in Europe.


Talk about Telegram / Encryption and shortly after you hear people saying it's for terrorists etc.


Encryption is the ONE best thing Humanity has ever created. The govt & your ISP know they can't track you if you use proper Encryption so they often just outright ban it with VPNs, just like the US increasingly pushing for a ban on Encryption by taking advantage of terrorist attacks where an encrypted phone is often found.


Universal Law of Your Own Business


People shall enforce the universal Law of Your Own Business by :


  • actively blockig online trackers (eg. Ghostery, Disconnect)


  • blocking ads whenever possible (eg. uBlock Origin, uMatrix)


  • Using a VPN (eg. Psiphon, Windscribe - 10GB / 50GB Free)


  • Encrypting your emails with PGP (eg. Thunderbird, Enigmail)


  • Using a properly Encrypted messaging service (eg. Telegram, Signal)


  • Encrypt their important / dissent files locally (eg. VeraCrypt)


  • Use a DNSSEC-compatible DNS service (eg. Simple DNSCrypt)


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I don't mind they tracking me if they would deliver toilet paper to me using drone whenever I run out of toilet paper while pooping.

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6 hours ago, jiski said:

Mr. Steven36,  You think Obama-era good, no good?  Obama make peace.  Win Nobel prize.  He talk very good.

Lol  thats it hes was good at making speeches and that was all  , nothing changed  for the good  in 8 years,  how we say it  were I'm from  , a little less talk and a lot  more action . peace sells but who's buying?  Do you call having wars  in the middle east the whole 8 years he was in office peace ? The war in IRAQ or Afghanistan  never has ended . Strange times we live in when you call ordering  soldiers to kill people for 8 years Peace.


President Obama, who hoped to sow peace, instead led the nation in war



But Obama leaves a very different legacy as he prepares to hand his commander-in-chief responsibilities to Donald Trump.

U.S. military forces have been at war for all eight years of Obama’s tenure, the first two-term president with that distinction. He launched airstrikes or military raids in at least seven countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan.

Yet the U.S. faces more threats in more places than at any time since the Cold War, according to U.S. intelligence. For the first time in decades, there is at least the potential of an armed clash with America’s largest adversaries, Russia and China.






He  didn't even have  a official war in his 8 years  just proxy hidden wars while  in office and increased  military spending  but decreased the size of it  without  declaring a war   and left office with the biggest debt of any US president in U.S history so far.






Why the Winner Is...Barack Obama


Barack Obama -- Under President Obama, the national debt grew the most dollar-wise. He added $7.917 trillion, a 68 percent increase, in seven years. This was the fifth-largest increase percentage-wise. Obama's budgets included the economic stimulus package. It added $787 billion by cutting taxes, extending unemployment benefits, and funding public works projects. The Obama tax cuts added $858 billion to the debt in two years.

Obama's budget increased defense spending to between $700 billion and $800 billion a year. Federal income was down, thanks to lower tax receipts from the 2008 financial crisis. He also sponsored the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It was designed to reduce the debt by $143 billion over 10 years. But these savings didn't show up until the later years.




So he also wins the prize for not  helping the economy out any in 8 years.   I'm  a independent  so really i don't like ether party  but  just vote for who i think is best for the job. I dont  believe   we should  have to pay  taxes  and all that . That was the very reason the country won there independence was to escape  taxes .   Every thing has been all smoke and mirrors  since the  USA  left Vietnam.  Now when they declare war they claim its over  years and years before it really is they brain wash people into believing it's no war.


If Trump succeeds where Obama failed on North Korea, maybe he will get Nobel Peace Prize – and deserve it







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 ...The United States of Hypocrisy finally has the Administration of their choice...

So called "white Collar" criminals should not worry as their brothers in

global crime won' t let them hang; rather, go after the little guys is the

moto of this Administration of hypocrisy...




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1 hour ago, humble3d said:

 ...The United States of Hypocrisy finally has the Administration of their choice...

So called "white Collar" criminals should not worry as their brothers in

global crime won' t let them hang; rather, go after the little guys is the

moto of this Administration of hypocrisy...






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Real funny, always at the end of posts like this which are about privacy, government controlling you etc etc you see a link to a VPN program claiming that: "oh we're the best, no logs, nothing, with a click on (connect) button you will be all safe. "

they're all working together, all these VPN stories are bullshit. you're not making shit any harder for government or agencies like NSA. pfff.... lol

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1 hour ago, Sylence said:

Real funny, always at the end of posts like this which are about privacy, government controlling you etc etc you see a link to a VPN program claiming that: "oh we're the best, no logs, nothing, with a click on (connect) button you will be all safe. "

they're all working together, all these VPN stories are bullshit. you're not making shit any harder for government or agencies like NSA. pfff.... lol


Then what is a reasonable, balanced solution for us users after all ?

I would like to know your suggestion instead of a critique only.


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yeah get over it, if your a real threat they might check up on you if you are just a leech probably not..

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The Government is  ran by the rich , The person with the most money and donates the most to campaigns always gets the laws passed to there benefit ,the rich are all about power and control, the Government  just does there biding .


As far as the NSA  i'm not worried about them  i wish one of them would admit they read my email or text messages  so i could sue the government I been on the  Internet since 2001 and never had no problems,  so time to put the tinfoil hat away .:tooth:


NSA stops controversial program that searches Americans' emails



But that don't stop them from spying on people's emails outside the USA and that don't stop you're own government from spying on you  and will  be the ones who comes to get you only you would need to worry about the NSA if you breached  the USA 's security  or if you're Government asked for there help . And no a vpn will not protect against the Government in places that have laws that say it can't .


Australia is a good example  of this were a vpn does no good, but  it's not the NSA they need be worried about it's the Australian Federal Police


A VPN will not save you from government surveillance



I don't use a vpn to hide from my Government no way, they the lest of my worries , If i did something wrong  and they want me,  they know were I am at and will serve papers on me regardless if I come online or not . Sometimes i wonder how many of these tinfoil hat wearing people ever had a run in with the law before?  i have  and  it didn't  matter if i came online or not  they keep a recored  of everything you do anyways, and i'm not scared of jail even though I don't like it . Its 3 hots and a cot  .  :lol:


I use a VPN  to stop Tech giants and my ISP from selling my data at a corporate level , and to stop Non  Government  trolls  from targeting me . But it's not as easy  as just using a VPN i leave no public recored of who I am on the Internet for years and years. If i shop online  i just give someone else the money and  do it on another computer . I don't belong to any site that wants my phone number  or any using my real name  ever . The reason I became like this was i  had nosy people stalking me online  it had nothing to do with Government and this happen before anyone knew who Snowden was.

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2 hours ago, 0bin said:

No place to hide @steven36 :naughty:


The only place is the bathroom, i know.

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In the U.K we now have many more cctv camera's than anywhere else in the world, funny thing is that it was not to many years ago that western countries, including the U.K criticised Russia for its surveillance tactics.

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On 3/16/2018 at 5:50 PM, mona said:


Then what is a reasonable, balanced solution for us users after all ?

I would like to know your suggestion instead of a critique only.



Go to China or similar countries which are hard to reach for NSA folks. but messing with VPN is definitely not the way, its just a toy against them lol

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