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  1. Radpop

    Windscribe 2.02.10

    Windscribe 2.02.10 Windscribe VPN is a Canada-based service that offers both paid and “free” VPN tiers. Windscribe offers desktop clients for Windows, Mac and Linux, browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and MS Edge, and apps for iOs and Android. Features: https://windscribe.com/features Homepage: https://windscribe.com Download for Windows 10, 8, 7: https://assets.totallyacdn.com/desktop/win/Windscribe.exe Download page: https://windscribe.com/download Changelog: https://windscribe.com/changelog/windows
  2. Feds say hackers are likely exploiting critical Fortinet VPN vulnerabilities Exploits allow hackers to log into VPNs and then access other network resources. Enlarge The FBI and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency said that advanced hackers are likely exploiting critical vulnerabilities in the Fortinet FortiOS VPN in an attempt to plant a beachhead to breach medium and large-sized businesses in later attacks. “APT actors may use these vulnerabilities or other common exploitation techniques to gain initial access to multiple government, c
  3. Here's why VPN services are turning to WireGuard A Q&A with Daniel Sagi, COO at Kape Technologies, parent company of Private Internet Access (Image credit: Shutterstock / FOTOSPLASH) When it comes to VPN services, everyone has their individual preferences, and the same is true of the protocols used to encrypt them. OpenVPN and IPsec encryption protocols have long ruled the roost, but up-and-coming protocol WireGuard is proving that high levels of encryption can be had for less overhea
  4. MIllions of VPN users have personal details stolen Databases of three top Android VPN tools were left exposed with default authentication information (Image credit: Shutterstock) The user databases of three popular Android VPN services have reportedly been hacked, with millions of user records now put up for sale online. Databases purportedly from SuperVPN, GeckoVPN, and ChatVPN, together containing a total of twenty one million user records, apparently include sensitive details such as t
  5. This privacy-focused VPN is getting a major refresh TorGuard's apps are getting a new and improved UI (Image credit: Shutterstock) The developers behind the popular VPN service TorGuard have been hard at work developing new features, network upgrades, a brand new website design and even an improved user interface for the VPN's mobile apps. According to a new blog post, the company's long-awaited TorGuard app re-design will be rolling out early next month with the release of a new version
  6. Don't use VPN services. No, seriously, don't. You're probably reading this because you've asked what VPN service to use, and this is the answer. Note: The content in this post does not apply to using VPN for their intended purpose; that is, as a virtual private (internal) network. It only applies to using it as a glorified proxy, which is what every third-party "VPN provider" does. Why not? Because a VPN in this sense is just a glorified proxy. The VPN provider can see all your traffic, and do with it what they want - including logging. But my provider doesn't log! T
  7. VPN usage saw major spike last year - here's why Lockdowns and the proposed TikTok ban caused consumer interest in VPNs to surge (Image credit: Shutterstock) Consumer interest in VPN services saw a huge spike last year as users grew increasingly concerned about apps like TikTok being banned as well as securing their data while working from home during lockdown. While people use VPNs in order to bypass government restrictions, secure their home networks and hide their online activities fro
  8. VPN abuse needs to be stamped out Any technology can be used in ways its creators did not intend (Image credit: Shutterstock / Elaine333) It is fair to say that any technology (most of which are created for the good of the people) can be abused or used in ways its creators did not intend. A drug dealer, for example, can easily encrypt a communications device so that they can carry out their business without fear of detection, or an arms dealer or a people smuggler. And this can equally ap
  9. Unique Features of UFO VPN: Stream Online TV Show Mobile Games Friendly UFO VPN provides 2000+ servers in 16 countries. There's always a VPN server that suits your needs. You can log on to 5 devices at the same time, both iOS, Android, Mac and Windows platforms are supported. Why choose UFO VPN? 1, Worldwide Locations and VPN servers. 2, Dedicated servers for fast streaming. 3, No additional permissions required. 4, Without the interruption of Ads. 5, UFO-Fast connection speed. 6, Recommend by VpnMentor. 7, Friendly customer service. 8, An account for 5 dev
  10. How to Set Up a VPN A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is meant to provide an encrypted connection to the Internet from your device. You can mask your IP address, bypass geological restrictions, and enhance your digital privacy on the Internet. But, how do you set up a VPN? In this article, we are going to compile a variety of methods for you to set up and use a VPN on your PC and smartphone. Fret not, this guide will include all the relevant information to help you configure a VPN, pick a VPN service, and create your personal VPN (if needed).
  11. In a rather unprecedented enforcement action, the FBI and Europol have shut down a 'bulletproof' VPN provider that helped cybercriminals to conceal their operations. The service didn't keep logs and routed traffic through a series of VPN connections. While many VPNs strive to keep customers private and secure, this company clearly crossed a line. Millions of Internet users around the world use a VPN to protect their privacy online. Another key benefit is that VPNs hide users’ true IP-addresses, making them more anonymous. This prevents third
  12. After being targeted in a copyright infringement lawsuit featuring backbone provider Hurricane Electric, a US-based ISP that operates a VPN service helping people circumvent Internet censorship in Iran, China and Russia has agreed to block several major pirate sites. These include The Pirate Bay, RARBG and YTS but there is plenty of scope for scaling up. Back in June, Hurricane Electic, one of the major network providers and operator of the largest IPv6 backbone, took action to prevent damage to its business. Hurricane provides services to l
  13. The Motion Picture Association says that circumvention services such as VPNs, DNS masks and Tor networks can pose a direct threat to legitimate streaming services. In comments submitted to the US Trade Representative, the movie industry group highlights various other piracy challenges around the globe. The Motion Picture Association (MPA) represents several of the largest movie industry companies. Traditionally its members were restricted to top Hollywood studios such as Disney and Warner Bros, but last year streaming giant Netflix joined as
  14. The makers of the film 'Angel Has Fallen' have filed a lawsuit against seventeen alleged pirates. According to the complaint, several defendants used the VPN service 'Private Internet Access,' which can expect to be subpoenaed. That effort will likely be fruitless as the VPN doesn't keep any logs. However, with help from information shared by torrent site YTS, users are still at risk. Millions of Internet users around the world use a VPN to protect their privacy online. Another key benefit is that VPNs hide users’ true IP-address, making the
  15. Google is bringing its own VPN to desktops and phones with $9.99 Google One subscription Your cloud storage now comes with more secure browsing There are any number of VPN services you can use to help protect your privacy and security with an encrypted internet connection, and now Google has its own. Well, technically, it already did, but only for Google Fi cellular subscribers on Android smartphones. Now, the company’s announcing it’ll throw in an Android-based VPN free of charge to any 2TB Google One cloud storage subscrib
  16. In January 2019, Finland's National Bureau of Investigation seized logging data from F-Secure's FREEDOME VPN service to investigate an alleged crime. After a prolonged legal process, the Helsinki Court of Appeal has now ruled that the seizure of the logs was illegal. As a result, all of the seized logs must be destroyed. When using the Internet, everyone leaves some kind of digital footprint and for most individuals going about their daily business, this could be as simple as their ISP-allocated IP address. To gain additional privacy, some people turn
  17. Users of pirate IPTV services in the UK and Ireland are most likely being monitored by one or more major ISPs. Secret traffic analysis, provided to the High Court in a recent blocking case involving UEFA, reveals that studies were carried out in connection with Sky which determined many subscribers were accessing pirate IPTV platforms via the ISP. Blocking of regular piracy websites has been a feature of anti-piracy enforcement in Europe for almost 15 years. The way these blocks are achieved is broadly similar, with entertainment industry co
  18. ISP Charter Communications doesn't have to share all information it has on how subscribers use VPNs to conceal pirating activities. This information was requested by several record labels that sued the ISP for failing to take action against repeat infringers. Charter will, however, share all VPN-related information it has on accused subscribers. Internet provider Charter Communications is one of several companies being sued for turning a blind eye to pirating subscribers. These lawsuits, filed by dozens of major record labels and music compa
  19. Criminals are distributing fake VPN installers with backdoors built in Another reason to always download VPN clients directly from a provider's website (Image credit: Shutterstock) The recent shift to remote working has led users to turn to VPN services to stay secure and protect their privacy online but new research from Trend Micro has revealed that cybercriminals are now distributing fake VPN installers with backdoors. The firm's researchers discovered VPN installers for Windscribe being distributed online that also i
  20. In 2019, the High Court of England and Wales ruled that by offering an index of non UK-based or unlicensed radio stations to UK residents, radio aggregator service TuneIn breached copyright. In response the service has now geo-blocked thousands of stations leaving UK customers without their favorite sounds. Unless they use a VPN, then it's business as usual. TuneIn is one of the most prominent providers of radio content in the world. Available for free or on a premium basis, its site and associated app provide access to more than 100,000 sta
  21. Monday’s CISA advisory is a staunch reminder for federal government and private sector entities to apply patches for flaws in F5 BIG-IP devices, Citrix VPNs, Pulse Secure VPNs and Microsoft Exchange servers. The U.S. government is warning that Chinese threat actors have successfully compromised several government and private sector entities in recent months, by exploiting vulnerabilities in F5 BIG-IP devices, Citrix and Pulse Secure VPNs and Microsoft Exchange servers. Patches are currently available for all these flaws – and in some ca
  22. VPN provider OVPN has emerged victorious from legal action initiated by movie companies hoping to get closer to the operators of The Pirate Bay. After a back-and-forth process, the court agreed with OVPN's claims that as no-logging provider, it had no useful data to hand over. Early June, movie companies Svensk Filmindustri and Nordisk Film, supported by anti-piracy partner Rights Alliance, embarked on legal action in an effort to track down the operators of The Pirate Bay. Early Background After obtaining information from Cloudflare, Rights Al
  23. Russia Says it Will Soon Begin Blocking Major VPNs Back in March, ten major VPN providers including NordVPN, ExpressVPN, IPVanish and HideMyAss were ordered by Russian authorities to being blocking sites present in the country's national blacklist. Following almost total non-compliance, the country's telecoms watchdog says that blocking nine of the services is now imminent. When it comes to site-blocking, Russia is one of the most aggressive countries in the world. Thousands of pirate sites are blocked on copyright grounds while others are re
  24. Psiphon Pro By Psiphon Inc. This is the pro version of Psiphon which is a secure VPN application for Android. The application allows you to navigate freely on the internet. You will be connected to all hindered sites that are blocked due to censorship or other factors. You will also be safe when you do this. You will be able to connect to any site that has been exposed to Psyphon Pro and has blocked access. Psiphon’s work structure is quite simple. As with other VPN applications, a tunnel opens and you appear to be connecting through other countries. Whether you
  25. Alex42

    Telegram Promo

    Channel and group Promo2day VPN accounts and keys Nord VPN Express VPN HMA VPN Vyprvpn Malwarebytes Spotify Premium Deezer Premium Tidal Proxy Avast and many more interesting, join. Group Channel
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