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PureVPN BlackFriday/Cyber Monday Offer with Advanced Features!


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I just found this offer up from PureVPN which has a lot of other things in their package other than the standard VPN thingy that they have. It is a bit surprising for me considering the fact that they are offering antivirus, ad blocker, url filter and IPS & IDS along with everything which their standard VPN package has like 5 multilogins, multiple vpn protocols, p2p optimized servers etc.

But the price they are offering all this for (most probably because of Black Friday/Cyber Monday offer) is really low i.e. $59 for two years (roughly $2.5 a month if I break it down). Apparently it is like they would be getting a really low amount as profit out of it, but good on the buyers’ end I guess!

Here's the link to check the offer out!

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