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Windows 10 Game Mode is Getting Nice Improvements


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As you may already know, Windows 10 Creators Update includes a special Game Mode feature, which boosts game performance for some games under certain circumstances. There are some nifty improvements coming to this feature in the near future.


Game Mode is a new feature of Windows 10 made especially for gamers. When enabled, it boosts the performance and priority of games. The new mode prioritizes CPU and graphics (GPU) resources to make the game run faster and smoother.


To enable the Game mode, you need to change some options in the Settings app. However, opening the Settings app every time to toggle this is not practical or fast.

To resolve this issue, Microsoft is adding a special option to quickly enable the Game mode right from the Game bar. See the following screenshot:

RS3 Game Bar Revised


RS3 Game Bar Gamemode Button

Game Bar Gets Even Better: On Windows 10, we’re making it easier than ever to enable or disable Game Mode on a per-game basis by putting a switch directly in the Game bar. Mixer broadcasting with the Game bar will now give you more choices on the audio you broadcast; a new settings option will let you choose to broadcast game-only audio, or system-wide audio. We’ve also added a new Xbox Live Network Troubleshooting option to the Settings menu in Windows 10, which will help you track down connectivity issues and optimize your online multiplayer experience.

As you can see, the Game bar is also getting a refined user interface, including a number of new options for broadcasting with the Microsoft Mixer service. The user can now stream the game audio only or stream sounds from all apps running in the OS.


These features will reach the production ring very soon. Source: Microsoft.


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