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Windows 10’s Photos app receives smarter image search features


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Microsoft is planning to add some more intelligent image-sorting features to its Windows 10 Photos app and this way it will be similar to Google Photos.

A new smart search in the Photos app

Microsoft is currently testing a new smart search feature that scans images from OneDrive and uses AI to identify and to catalog photos. The Photos application was already released to the Windows Insider Preview Ring. The app will filter the pictures by faces, colors, months in which they were taken and more categories like this.



When you start searching for the first time, the photos will be indexed, and this will take approximately one second per image. It looks like the Photos app is using AI on the pictures locally now and not in the cloud as the company did in the past. Users will have the ability to search photos with the phrases like ‘beer’ or ‘phone’ and the caching will return a bunch of pictures that may include such particular items.

Windows 10 Photos app and Google’s Photos app

These are the new features that arrived at the Photos app, and you should know that Apple and Google have similar face-detection algorithms. The goal of Google Photos is to index pictures and make the searches much easier for people, things, and places. Microsoft is currently still testing this feature for its Windows 10. We expect to see it finished by the time Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is released in September.


With this updated Photos app, Microsoft is joining the ranks of Google’s Photos application with the intelligent image-sorting feature.

The app will also feature face detection, and this will return photos that the app believes feature the same person.


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