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Your opinion about Windows 10?

Your opinion about Windows 10  

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  1. 1. Your opinion about Windows 10?

    • Best Windows ever!
    • Good, but not the best
    • Most crappy Windows ever?
    • None of the above, comment below

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What I don't understand is why people who have already gave their opinions must respond to other people's opinions? The title of this thread is "Your opinion about Windows 10?" so just give your

Good, but not the best, for me the best was the Windows XP and then Windows 7

It's not boring like previous Windows versions, it has evolved with the rest of the programs and Internet.

I think is fine but I am not going to upgrade while I have my old Windows 7 64 bit HP.


Not all the hardware and software is going to be fully compatible with Windows 10.

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14 hours ago, lynnig said:

06 days 02hrs 34mins and 30secs to decide....

5 days 23 hours 4 mins according to official countdown from Microsoft :P 

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5 hours ago, Israeli_Eagle said:

And no GWX trash anymore??

dream on:D

of cource micro$oft  keep forcin' ppl to buy "best windows ever" for some price like 9.99 bucks or smthn' like that.

btw.i'm  free of GWX on my Enterprise.

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49 minutes ago, gipsy said:

dream on:D

of cource micro$oft  keep forcin' ppl to buy "best windows ever" for some price like 9.99 bucks or smthn' like that.

btw.i'm  free of GWX on my Enterprise.


Hehehehe, I not really dream. Was somehow only a joke.

And of course I'm fully Win10 and GWX free. :smartass:

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Update in Votes Required!

Windows 10 upgrade/buyers, even after knowing the recent policy removal/blocking in Windows 10 Pro, TPM & driver signing limitations,..... will you still choose Win 10?


Win 8/8.1/7/Vista/XP/NT/2000/98/95 are much better compared to Windows 10 due to the shocking tactics & strategy of Micro$h*t, Sh**tty No No della, D*mba*s Win Team & Developers.


People those who didn't upgrade but thought of waiting for Anniversary update/got upgrade key and reverted back for future use should have surely lost hopes since they thought Anniversary update would bring more better customization/config options since from tomorrow Win 10 will be a paid version. Since new users are going to pay, MS would bring good. However, the thoughts are buried.


Updated[3 Aug 2016]: I'm wondering if Win 10 voters are aware of the Blocking Pirate Games by MS in Win 10? If so, here is another shocking report about Google & MS trying to help piracy by blocking pirated downloads. Also, are Win10 users always using legitimate s/w or games? Read more here. If MS is blocking downloads, installations, games, then it can only be done when they get all info by tracking every user activity, personal files now and then in Windows 10. Now, it is sure that Windows 10 & Microsoft is a complete Spyware.


Updated[4 Aug 2016]: Now, MS is encrypting app installations in Windows 10 and we have no right to decrypt. So, the encryption keys are with MS and they can decrypt, create backdoor in apps, track usage and info through apps and do whatever they want with it.

If you compare Win 10 with Ubuntu or any secure Linux distros, they too have encrypted system files. However, with permissions/sudo/root, we, the users have control over it. Linux, always better than Win 10 in this contrast.


Updated[8 Aug 2016]: New security risks in Windows 10 after inbuilt Linux/Ubuntu/Bash subsystem additions. Read more here.


Those who have changed their minds, please change the votes in here too. Also, edit/post a comment to know of the reasons. Let nsane readers/new members knew about $h*t MS Strategy of FREE** upgrade/new license terms.


Those who are new to poll after IPB 4.x.x upgrade, here is how:

If you've already voted, Click on "Show Vote Options" below the poll. Change Vote of your Choice, Click "Submit Vote".


FYI: I knew this kind of tactics would be the future of MS much earlier and was steady on my view & path that Win 10, MS & Ballmer, Nadella & Windows Team are not going to do good. They are just doing what Bill Gates mentioned once that Windows should be killed. People can know about my steady view point just above my profile picture on the left. It stays there for long. If anyone with brain/common sense would have accepted that. Don't you?

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Personal opinion might be or not to be, but is better, if did not tell anyone.
Anyways, does not depend anything of it. But not to say is better for the health.

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Sooner or later, all the "heroes" who have made such a fuss here, raising praised Windows 7, and swearing that they will never install Windows 10, they will install it willingly and they will not cease to praise how good and how stable is the new Windows.

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