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Tails 2.3 Anonymous Live CD Gets Tor Browser 5.5.5, Tails 2.4 Coming June 7




I2P 0.9.25 and Electrum 2.6.3 have been included



Today, April 26. 2016, the Tails project has had the great pleasure of announcing the official availability of the Tails 2.3 amnesic incognito live system, a Debian-based anonymous Live CD based on the Tor project.


Tails 2.3 comes today as an upgrade to the previous build, Tails 2.2, announced at the beginning of March 2016, and it promises to update most of the core components, as well as to fix the most annoying bugs, and add a few new features.


"This release fixes many security issues and users should upgrade as soon as possible," reads today's announcement. "We need your help and there are many ways to contribute to Tails (donating is only one of them). Come talk to us!"


Here's what's new in Tails 2.3


Release highlights of Tails 2.3 include support for copying and pasting your GnuPG passphrases into the pinentry dialog, for example from the KeePassX app or the clipboard, the Tor Browser 5.5.5 web browser, the I2P 0.9.25 anonymous network, as well as the Electrum 2.6.3 Bitcoin wallet.


Among the bug fixes, we can mention that it is now possible to view the Onion Circuits software on small screens, as the team managed to make both panes scrollable, and add much-needed information for users who want to migrate from Claws Mail to Icedove should delete all of their Claws Mail data after the migration process.


All users of Tails 2.2 or previous versions are urged to upgrade to the Tails 2.3 release as soon as possible using the built-in package manager and making sure all the security patches have been correctly applied. You can download the Tails 2.3 Live ISO image right now. Next stop, Tails 2.4, which is currently scheduled for June 7, 2016.



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