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  1. Capture your screen and save it as a MP4, GIF with Electron Screen Recorder Want to share a short video of your screen? Teach somebody how to use something? All you need is a quick way to capture the content, and Electron Screen Recorder can help you with that. The application's interface has just 4 options, and a large blank pane. Click on the phrase "Choose a video source". A menu will pop up with various capture modes. The first option "Entire Screen" captures the content on your current screen. When you select the option, you will see a live
  2. Google funds Linux maintainers to boost Linux kernel security Together with the Linux Foundation, Google announced today that they would fund two Linux kernel developers' efforts as full-time maintainers exclusively focused on improving Linux security. "While there are thousands of Linux kernel developers, all of whom take security into consideration as the due course of their work, this contribution from Google to underwrite two full-time Linux security maintainers signals the importance of security in the ongoing sustainability of open-source softw
  3. DuckStation is an excellent PlayStation 1 emulator for Windows, Linux, macOS and Android The PlayStation 1, Nintendo SNES, GBA, and DS are my favorite consoles of all-time because they have tons of RPGs. I remember playing WWF/WCW games, and many JRPGs on my old Windows 98 computer using ePSXe back in the 2000s. Emulation has come a long way since then; there have been many advancements, improvements and of course new emulators. DuckStation is a PSX emulator and a brilliant one at that. It comes with a QT-based GUI version and a no-GUI version.
  4. New Linux malware steals SSH credentials from supercomputers A new backdoor has been targeting supercomputers across the world, often stealing the credentials for secure network connections by using a trojanized version of the OpenSSH software. The malware is not widespread and appears to target mostly high-performance computers (HPC) and servers on academic and research networks. Multiplatform, high-profile targets Security researchers at cybersecurity company ESET discovered the malware and named it Kobalos, after the misbehaving creature in Gree
  5. Rocky Linux gets a parent company, with $4m Series A funding Money can't buy you love—but it can certainly help you start a new Linux distro. Enlarge / Ctrl IQ provided us with this diagram of its proposed technology stack. (Thankfully, spelling correction is not one of the core services Ctrl IQ offers.) Ctrl IQ Gregory Kurtzer, co-founder of the now-defunct CentOS Linux distribution, has founded a new startup company called Ctrl IQ which will serve in part as a sponsoring company for the upcoming Rocky Linux d
  6. Snes9x is an open source SNES emulator for Windows, macOS and Linux Looking for a way to play some good old SNES classics? Well, you can play them on your computer. All you need is a good emulator, like Snes9x, and a few ROMs, e.g. homebrew ROMs or ROMs of games that you own a copy of physically. It is a portable application, and comes in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The interface is nice and simple, use the menubars to select various options. Click on File > Load game and select the game that you want to play. The emulator supports SFC files, but it can
  7. Linux malware uses open-source tool to evade detection Image: Moritz Kindler AT&T Alien Labs security researchers have discovered that the TeamTNT cybercrime group upgraded their Linux crypto-mining with open-source detection evasion capabilities. TeamTNT is mostly known for targeting and compromising Internet-exposed Docker instances for unauthorized Monero (XMR) mining. However, the group has also shifted tactics by updating its Linux cryptojacking malware named Black-T to also harvest user credentials from infected servers.
  8. New Linux SUDO flaw lets local users gain root privileges A now-fixed Sudo vulnerability allowed any local user to gain root privileges on Unix-like operating systems without requiring authentication. Sudo is a Unix program that enables system admins to provide limited root privileges to normal users listed in the sudoers file, while at the same time keeping a log of their activity. It works on the Principle of Least Privilege where the program gives people just enough permissions to get their work done without compromising the system's overall
  9. FreakOut malware exploits critical bugs to infect Linux hosts An active malicious campaign is currently targeting Linux devices running software with critical vulnerabilities that is powering network-attached storage (NAS) devices or for developing web applications and portals. The purpose is to infect machines with vulnerable versions of the popular TerraMaster operating system, the Zend Framework (Laminas Project), or Liferay Portal with FreakOut malware, which can help deploy a wide variety of cyberattacks. Hitting unpatched Linux systems The co
  10. Eve Reader is an open source EPUB reader for Windows and Linux EBooks are an amazing way to relax, I always have my Kindle eReader nearby, so I can read a chapter or two when I need to take a break. But, I'm not really a huge fan of reading e-books on my computer though, when I had to, I used Microsoft Edge mostly for PDFs and occasionally for EPUBs that I downloaded from Gutenberg and the like. With Edge Chromium dropping support for EPUB, I switched to SumatraPDF, and the program is also Martin's favorite on Windows. There are other programs which make an
  11. How To Install Zoom On Linux? The easiest way to install Zoom on Linux The pandemic has had a huge impact on our lives and how we interact with people. Thankfully, technology has played an enormous part in helping us stay connected in these tough times. One of the essential pieces of software that gained a lot of traction during the pandemic is Zoom. In this article, let’s look at how you can install Zoom on Linux PC. Install Zoom On Linux 1. From The Official Website Installing Zoom on Linux is as easy as installing it on Windows. All you need to do is –
  12. Raven Reader is a cross-platform, open source RSS feed aggregator that supports podcasts RSS Feed aggregators are a great way to stay up-do-date with the latest articles from your favorite websites. Some prefer online services, others browser add-ons while some, like me, rely on offline readers such as QuiteRSS. Raven Reader is a cross-platform, open source RSS feed aggregator that supports podcasts. The program's installer does not allow you to customize the location where you want to install the application to; in fact it is a one-click silent installatio
  13. Crow Translate is a lightweight, open-source translation tool for Windows and Linux Translation services are very valuable resources if you have to work with foreign language material. I use them on a daily basis, and usually rely on add-ons like Simple Translate (since To Google Translate's modal isn't working). GT4T is a good options if you want a desktop program that supports translation outside the scope of your web browser. If you're looking for something lightweight, and open source, then Crow Translate is a nice choice, though when compared to
  14. fre:ac is an open source audio converter for Windows, Linux and Mac Do you like listening to music? Who doesn't? I prefer quality to quantity, which is why my library consists of audio files in the FLAC format whenever possible. This comes at a cost, have a couple of dozen albums and you are looking at Gigabytes worth of music. But sometimes you may have to choose between storage space and your songs. If I had a phone or digital music player without a memory card, I would somewhat grudgingly ditch FLAC in favor of lossy MP3 tracks.
  15. Steam Play will allow Linux users to play Cyberpunk 2077 Valve has just released Proton 5.13-4 which, according to the release notes, allows Linux users to play Cyberpunk 2077 via Steam Play. For those who’ve not used it, Steam Play utilises Proton, a compatibility layer that allows Linux users to play games that were designed for Windows. Cyberpunk has suffered numerous setbacks during its development but it’s finally being released for Windows, PlayStation 4, Stadia, and Xbox One on December 10. The game is currently available for pre-purchase o
  16. wkhtmltopdf is an open source command-line tool that can save web pages as a PDF or an image SingleFile, its fork SingleFileZ and Save Page WE are excellent options to save entire webpages as a single HTML page. But sometimes, you may want the web page to be easily accessible. For example, you may want to have your study materials, research papers on your phone and computer. Converting the HTML to a PDF is a good way to ensure cross-device compatibility, Wkhtmltopdf is an open source and cross-platform tool that can convert HTML pages to PDF. T
  17. How to install and use Neofetch on desktop and mobile If you’ve spent any time looking around Linux subreddits, you may have seen some desktop screenshots where the user has their terminal displaying their system’s specs next to the logo of the operating system they use. While other programs can display information like this, one of the common options is called Neofetch – a program written in bash and available on all the popular operating systems and niche ones. In this guide, I’ll show you how to install Neofet
  18. Sidekick is a Chromium-based browser for work with interesting features Sidekick is a web browser that is based on Chromium that is designed specifically for Internet workers. While it can be used by anyone, its feature-set has been designed with users in mind that spend most of the workday on the Internet and in Internet applications. There are numerous Chromium-based web browsers available currently. Some of them major, e.g. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi, Brave, or Opera, and a lot of them minor. New browsers need to bring something to the table that d
  19. puNES is an open source NES emulator for Windows and Linux A PC is my choice when it comes to gaming, mostly because I play a lot of strategy games. But I've owned a few consoles, the PS4 being my 2nd favorite platform currently. Nintendo's products weren't/aren't available in my Country, so as a kid I didn't have access to its cool consoles. That was the case, until I came across a Famiclone (Famicom clone) at a local store. My family gifted me one, and I got to play some games such as Ice Climber, Super Mario Bros, Excite Bike, et
  20. For a while now you've been able to stream games using NVIDIA GeForce NOW in your browser, however it looks like NVIDIA will be making that a bit more official for Linux. Currently on certain platforms like Windows and macOS, NVIDIA have a dedicated downloadable application for their GeForce NOW streaming service. They expanded support into the browser for ChromeOS / Chromebooks in the Summer, which initially needed other platforms to spoof their browser string to ChromeOS but that hasn't been needed for a while. In a recent announcement about support for G
  21. After almost 5 and a half years of no new releases, gmusicbrowser was finally updated. The latest gmusicbrowser 1.1.16 brings support for Opus files, adds musixmatch.com as a music source to the Lyrics plugin, and it fixes the replaygain, equalizer and gapless playback with mpv 0.28.0 and newer, among many other small changes. gmusicbrowser is an audio player for large music collections, that can play mp3, ogg, flac (and opus/mpc/ape/m4a with gstreamer, mplayer or mpv) and more. The application was quite popular a while back, thanks to its highly customi
  22. File Hash Checker is a lightweight program that can be used to check the integrity of files Have you ever wondered if a file that you downloaded is safe, or if a backed up file is still working fine and not corrupt? Sometimes you may encounter errors when a file doesn't work. It is possible that the browser had been closed accidentally, or the network connection was ended abruptly, or in the worst case scenario, the file could have been tampered with. For backups, it is possible that the storage device is not working properly anymore, e.g. when a DVD
  23. QVGE is an open source graph creation program for Windows and Linux If you want to analyze statistics, a good way to do this is by writing down the details. When you want to compare the performance of something over a long-term, it is better to use some sort of visual representation like charts, diagrams or graphs. Now if graphs are your thing, you will find QVGE useful. It is an open source graph creation program for Windows and Linux. The program's start page lets you save and load documents. Since we don't have any on the first r
  24. The Qt advantage? 'We're a weird by-product of coffee machines and cars' Interview KDE Plasma is a Linux desktop environment which has just been updated to 5.20 - but why should users consider it instead of GNOME, the default for Ubuntu and Red Hat, or the lightweight Xfce? We spoke to Plasma maintainers David Edmundson and Jonathan Riddell. KDE is a Linux desktop built using the Qt framework KDE dates from 1996, when it was announced by Matthias Ettrich, a Linux fan who sought an alternative to Microsoft’s Windows 3.1, of which he said back in 2003: “
  25. A group of academics from the University of California and Tsinghua University has uncovered a series of critical security flaws that could lead to a revival of DNS cache poisoning attacks. Dubbed "SAD DNS attack" (short for Side-channel AttackeD DNS), the technique makes it possible for a malicious actor to carry out an off-path attack, rerouting any traffic originally destined to a specific domain to a server under their control, thereby allowing them to eavesdrop and tamper with the communications. "This represents an important milestone — the fir
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