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WSCC 3: manage Nirsoft Sysinternals software


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Windows System Control Center (WSCC is the latest version of the -- free for personal use -- program for Windows to download, manage, and update Nirsoft and Sysinternals programs.


When it comes to companies or individuals that produce high quality software for Windows, it is likely that Nirsoft and Sysinternals are found on lists people make about that more often than not.


Nir Sofer has created more than 200 different applications over the years, and Sysinternals, once independent but now a part of Microsoft, another 70.

Programs include all-time favorite applications for Windows such as Autoruns or Process Explorer by Sysinternals, and CurrPort or SearchMyFiles by Nirsoft.


If you are a Windows user who is at least a little bit interested in how the system works, you have probably one or more of those programs on your system already.


wscc 3


The main idea behind WSCC is to provide a management interface for all Sysinternals and Nirsoft applications.

Instead of having to download programs individually from Sysinternals or Nirsoft, it makes them available through the application. Additionally, since all programs are portable by nature, you do get access to these programs on the local system as well without using WSCC, and can even move the programs without losing functionality.


WSCC 3 is provided as a portable application or installer. No matter which version you select, it will start with a blank interface on first run that lists no programs.

You can hit the install button right away to open the update manager. The program queries both Nirsoft and Sysinternals servers for a list of programs and displays information about each application in list form afterwards.


wscc 3 update manager


You can download some or all of the programs on that list, and downloads should not take too long considering that most programs are not large.

The full archive, with all programs downloaded, has a size of less than 75 Megabyte on the hard drive currently.


The update manager highlights the process of each download, and displays the old and new version of the application next to each program added this way. While this is not overly useful on first download, the program is also used to check for updates to update existing programs downloaded previously.


This is another major feature of WSCC 3. There is no centralized update option if you download and run Nirsoft or Sysinternals programs individually, but if you use WSCC, update checks are run frequently to make sure you always have the latest version installed.


On top of this, the application will also pick up new programs released by either company and add them to the list of available programs as well.

Using WSCC 3

wscc 3 search


Programs are listed in details view by default, but you can change that to icons or report view instead. I found the report view to be most suitable as it lists each program on its own line but uses up less space to do so than details view.


You run any program with a double-click on its name or line, and may use the built-in search or categorization to display only applications you are interested in.

Search is global and will find programs by both companies. On top of that, WSCC 3 will also list built-in Windows system tools.


The left sidebar displays an option to list all items in a -- very large -- listing, browse only Nirsoft or Sysinternals applications, check out the integrated Windows tools, or dive into specific categories such as Security, Process, or System Information instead.


You may add tools to the favorites with a right-click and the selection of the appropriate option from the context menu.

These items become available under Favorites in the sidebar for fast access.




wscc 3 options


As far as options are concerned, there are quite a few provided. Most options are self-explanatory, but there are some that you may want to check before you run the first download of programs using WSCC 3.


You find an option under network to prioritize 64-bit versions of programs if available. While most 32-bit versions of programs should work fine on 64-bit Windows versions, some may not work or may not display all information they usually provide you with.


Another option you may find interesting is to add Windows Services to the program under software. This lists all services in the WSCC interface, and provides you with options to quickly start, stop or manage individual services from there.


Windows System Control Center is a useful program for Windows, especially if you run Nirsoft or Sysinternals applications regularly on your system.

Apart from offering a centralized interface to run all of the programs directly, its main feature is the ability to update programs and add new releases to the list.


The program acts as a launcher for these programs and on top of that, ensures that you don't miss a new program or program update released by these companies.


Windows System Control Center


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