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HP to Offer Integrated Privacy Screen on Windows 10 Laptops to Prevent Visual Hacking


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HP signs deal with 3M for new security improvements

HP has recently announced a new deal with 3M in order to integrate the latter’s privacy screen into laptops and prevent what the company calls “visual hacking.”

Basically, this is a method of stealing private information by looking directly into someone’s computer screen and according to HP, this kind of practice is becoming a lot more common these days.

The new screens will be available on HP’s business computers, but the company hasn’t yet mentioned which are the models to receive this upgrade.

Visual hacking used to steal private info

A study mentioned by HP in the press release rolled out today reveals that 90 percent of the visual hacking attempts have been successful so far, with compromised information including contact lists, customer information, corporate financials, and employee access and login credentials.

“Visual hacking is a growing problem and 3M is investing in technology that can stop prying eyes,” said Herve Gindre, vice president and general manager, Display Materials and Systems Division, 3M. “By integrating our technology into the displays on HP notebooks, businesses will be able to address this concerning security threat and users will be able to get a privacy solution that can easily be switched on to help prevent visual hacking.”

Such a feature would be a welcome addition to the security feature arsenal for Windows 10 laptops, which already benefit from additional protection thanks to improvements that are part of the operating system.

For example, Windows 10 comes with support for Windows Hello, the new biometric authentication system that allows users to log into their computers with their face just by looking at the PC camera. The feature requires special hardware, so it’s only available on new computers.

Obviously, expect the new laptops to be a little bit more expensive when shipped with this new technology, but more details on models to integrate it and pricing info will be provided at a later time.


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