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The first Android device with 64-bit Architecture from HTC


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The HTC Desire 820, which is set be unvilled at IFA 2014. Which HTC does have a press conference on September 4th. So there’s that. We’re expecting their Android Wear smartwatch at the same time, but this article is focused more on the Desire 820. According to a few sources, it looks like it’ll be the first to be a 64-bit smartphone. The latest source coming out of G For Games, which is usually right on target with leaks and such. And actually the leak really comes from Qualcomm.

Qualcomm posted a picture which confirms that the HTC Desire 820 will feature a 64-bit Qualcomm chip. Said to be the Snapdragon 615. Qualcomm also hashtagged “#615″ in their post on Weibo. Which leads us to believe that this is indeed for the Snapdragon 615.

Well one thing is for sure, we’ll find out at IFA in about a week’s time. HTC’s event is set for September 4th in Berlin.

While HTC’s Desire 820 won’t really be able to take full advantage of the 64-bit Snapdragon 615 chip just yet, it will be ready for Android L, which we expect to launch sometime this fall (likely around Halloween as the last 3 years the new Nexus has).


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