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[SOLVED] Windows Update, but only for Windows


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Hello folks,

Recently, I changed on my laptop windows 7 Ultimate 32bits for the 7 Ultimate 64bits version after formatting .... All was and is still OK.

Then few weeks ago I installed Office 2013 ProPlus 64bits, which is working well.

But, because when computing there is a "but" !!

I didn't know what I forgot when installing Office, but I can't access through Windows Update to anything else than "Only Windows" updates.

I can't get Drivers updates,Others Microsoft products updates and Office 2013 updates and I know there are some because it's working on others computers I manage (home, work, ..).

So I searched on Google, Microsoft, ..., but I couldn't find anything interesting and efficient to change "Only Windows" to "All products" update.

Have you any idea, but I don't want to format and reinstall all (no time for this) ?

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Here is how to enable updates for other applications besides Windows. -> click

You only can access Office 2013 update options in Office when you are logged in.

File > Account > Update Options

Manual update

Only works with Internet Explorer 6+ and you need to install a AddOn.


Manually search for:

office 2013 32-bit


office 2013 64-bit

Or you can use WSUS

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Thanks guys,

Can't check before monday, 'cause I haven't my laptop here.

I've already check settings in Windows Updates, but I'm really sure there is no lien "Windows Update ... Give me updates for others ..."

Will confirm this soon.

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Merci Speedy57,

but Microsoft Update (which is different of Windows Update) was missing, so I couldn't tick this line.

I found a page on the Microsoft website which offers the ability to install Microsoft Update, and now it's working well and I got 41 update files for Office 2013.

Microsoft Update page :

English :  http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/update-microsoft-officeFrench :  http://windows.microsoft.com/fr-fr/windows7/update-microsoft-office Other languages : just changes the code "country-language" in the middle of the above links to yours.
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