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What is good for Proxy Switching ?


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I used to have a good one that kept an updated list automatically, but lost it at some point.

There are posts here about Proxy Switcher, but it seems the latest couple had non-working fixes...

Does anyone know if there's such a program to switch proxies and can:
- Change the proxy settings on the fly.
- Work with any browser.
- Gets & updates the list of proxy servers.
- Checks the list of proxy servers.

I've been using the NewIPNow extension in Firefox for a while, but it's not really very good.

A real program that does this would be alot better than the phony-ish web proxies of that.


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I did search and read every post here about it before I asked - and they all have complaints about the fixes not working.

Also, I may have been hasty because searching Alternativeto.net on Proxy Switcher brought some interesting results=>


Tunnelbear free is only good for 500mb/month - but if it has a way to be switched on/off that would be enough for me alone.

Anybody here use these with good results - or have any other suggestions ??


I was able to get one from here=>


Better still, after unpacking it with UE, using the fix and registering it's DLLs - it works quite well

I'm still curious to know if anyone has used the others listed here ??


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