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How To Unlock Your HTC Desire S With HBoot Version 2.0.002


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This article I am posting here because I have seen many HTC Desire S users struggling for How To Unlock Your HTC Desire S With HBoot Version 2.0.002.Since Revolutionary still support older version of HBoot they are HBoot Version 0.98.0000 and 0.980002 and still many people not getting much idea about How To Root Your HTC Desire S With HBoot Version 2.0.002 .

I myself have HTC Desire S and have rooted my phone and this is written according to my experience.
Note : Rooting and unlocking bootloader do at your own risk Techno Discover Will not be held liable to any damage or cause happen during rooting process. I have divided this How To Root Your HTC Desire S With HBoot Version 2.0.002 topic in different parts in order to show each part/stage clearly.


Just Follow The Simple Steps as Given Below :

  1. Just Go to HTC Development website register it and if you are already register just log in to the site.
  2. Select unlock bootloader
  3. Select Your Device” from dropdown control
    Select “All Other Supported model”.Now Click on “Begin To Unlock Bootloader“.
  4. Click on Yes and select both check box and click on ”Proceed To Unlock Instruction“.
  5. Now switch off your Desire S now just press your volume down button and hold it then press power button to start your phone
  6. This start your phone in bootloader mode. Now Connect with your phone with your computer using your power cable.
  7. Download Android.zip file Click Here To Download.After download go to your C derive and extract android.zip file there.
  8. Click on Start >Run or Press (Windows + R) and type cmd.exe
  9. cd c:\Android

    Note :If you have extracted zip file any other location after CD just write the path where folder android is stored.

    Copy Paste This In Your Command Prompt : fastboot oem get_identifier_token.

  10. You will get identifier token key divided in many columns.Select from second line/column start with
    <<<< Identifier Token Start>>>> Till stop at <<<< Identifier Token End>>>>.
    Paste this token key to HTC Dev site instruction set text block. Aftee that you will receive mail that at you id that are registered with on HTC DEV site.

  11. Download Unlock_code.bin file to android folder in C drive or where you have saved.

  12. Just go to your command prompt and make sure your path in cmd is in the android folder.
    Just copy and paste this in command prompt: fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin.

  13. Now you will see black color disclaimer screen on your phone just select yes by pressing volume up down button once selected to enter it press power button.

​If you have followed properly and all workout correctly then congrats you have unlocked your bootloader.

In my next post I will show you how to install custom recovery in HTC Desire S So Stay Tuned for next update.

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Thank you dykhatri for this, I have an old HTC Desire Z that needs to be rooted will this work ? or could you guide me to something that will? cheers


Hey Crazycanuk,

I have and using Desire s the whole time I have not get a chance o get my hand on Desire Z though I will give you information about it give me some time. I will PM you for the same. cheers B) B) B) B) B) B) B) B)

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