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Lenovo ditches Windows 8 for 7 for the enterprise


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Rather than installing the latest version of Windows on PCs designated for the enterprise, Lenovo is shipping out Windows 7 on new machines with a discreetly-bundled Windows 8 DVD, just in case.

Lenovo is one of the stable powerhouses in the PC market, catering well for both enterprise customers and consumers. Just how well are they catering for the enterprise? Well as it turns out, rather than subjecting customers to the difficulty of learning a new operating system (Windows 8, that is), Lenovo is shipping Windows 7 on new enterprise-designated orders as they recognize the official Windows 8-to-7 downgrade can be tricky.


There's nothing better than trusty old Windows 7, according to Lenovo

If you do happen to want Windows 8 on your enterprise machine, you'll have to install it through the discreetly bundled Windows 8 disc, which even includes software that brings back the Start menu if you so choose to install it. Lenovo's strategy seems to be doing quite well so far, as they continue to report growth each quarter, although it's not a good sign for the uptake of Windows 8.

That said, Lenovo's choice to downgrade machines to Windows 7 by default is probably saving businesses a large amount of time, as many companies would be unwilling to deploy a new operating system this early into its life cycle, and would simply downgrade to Windows 7 anyway. UK Lenovo boss did mention to The Register that enterprises were "interested in testing Windows 8-powered touchscreen devices in-house", but wouldn't elaborate on the ratio of Windows 7 to Windows 8 device shipments.

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Very Good Job LENOVO!!!!!!!

Proud of you for catering to your customers and making a great decision unlike MICROSHIT who would force that stupid O/S on people, rather than making 2 versions of their O/S tablet and desktop version or at least having the option to turn back on the start menu and disable that stupid metro shit that is annoying like hell. I cannot stand wasting time navigating through all that garbage and bloatware. I just want a blank desktop with 3 icons.




I don't need a metro piece of shit. If I want quick access I'll pin a program or quicklaunch it, simple as pie. Why navigate through a stupid menu that is nothing but time consuming. Seriously they did not think of their OS at all. go to hell WINBLOWS 8, shittest o/s ever, worse then vista.

I cant believe I get paid to downgrade customers from 8 to 7 or even XP/LINUX mix.

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Sadly this is the world we live in..where ALL have to bend to the will of the mighty Microsoft dictating what and how you will use it.

We all have to work around obstacle put up by them..

And the win 8 fanboys boys out there are retards ..period .

They say stuff like well don't use it, but who are the first mouthy jerks to trash on people using Windows XP still ?

In other words if you don't update / upgrade at some point these mouthy cheerleaders will bad mouth you and insult you (regardless of your credentials)

Funny how the White House was still using Windows XP as seen in a Youtube video last year lol

I've tried to be patient and reason and discuss things with them but i've had it they are idiots and need to be put in the place !

Stupid people shouldn't run the world and i'm not gonna hide in silence while little douche bags ruin things for everyone.

People that do not like something and do nothing to change it don't deserve any respect.. its not complaining / troll'ing its called standing up for your self !

Windows 8 will go down in history as a debacle and we all know MS isn't gonna back down.. their gonna push it hard to the bitter end

whether paying cash $$$ customers like it or not.. they couldn't care less ! ..the onus falls to companies like Lenova to clean up the mess.

I just finished sending an email on how to get Windows 7 to a family member who bought a laptop with Win 8 on it lol

And no i never so much as said one word to them about it.. they tried it and hated it ..end of story. (so don't blame me for it, blame MS)

The writing is on the wall and the coffee is brewed and whether ignorant little fanboys wanna live in a fantasy world or not makes no difference..

Reality IS what it is !

lol an awful lot of people are making good money because of this though, from dev's making start menu replacements

to guys who are being paid to ungay their computer from that garbage that was formerly know as Metro.

and that name seriously ? Every time i here that word i think Will & Grace / Metro-sexual.. queer eye for the straight guy lol

Charms ? uhghhm yeah sure Windows 8 = Fisher Price / My little Pony style crap.

and Metro ? yeah uhh MS is so smart they didn't have the foresight to google search the name so they didn't get sued for using an existing trademark..

morons.. even a 5yr old would do this before hand ! (google Metro AG if you don't know about that lawsuit)

This whole Metro cr'Apps touch screen iPhone / iPad mobile apps rip off campaign is pathetic losers a dollar short and a day late trying to

cash in on the hoola hoop / furby / cabage patch kids craze.. its so obviously sad and pathetic its blows me away.

"Apps" are a cancerous disease on desktop computing and i can't wait for the fad to go away !

The best app i have on my phone and the only one i use 99% of the time is called "calculator" lol

I shouldn't have to put up with garbage and the ugliest GUI in history because MS wants to cater to the lowest common denominator..

the Facebook'ing, Tweeting crowd.. you know who you are.

I blame a lot of it on desktop icon users.. windows 8 is just right for them lol

..i have not had one on my desktop in like a decade ..i manage my pc ..not the other way around.

Don't like my opinions on Windows 8 ? too bad.. i couldn't care less. wanna argue about it ?

take it up with one of the other MILLIONS of people who agree with me (such as Lenova business customers)

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My dad's work gets computers from Lenovo now... infact I believe they just got some like a couple years ago from Lenovo... but have to have XP installed on them (or sometimes they deploy XP themselves) due to the fact that a lot of their stuff won't work with just yet with Win7. They wont be upgraded to Windows 7 for at least a few years or more unfortunately... but at least the majority of people who work at his job know how to use Windows 7 to a point already, due to the fact that its on their home computers already most likely.

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bundled Windows 8 disc, which even includes software that brings back the Start menu

I'm curious which program did they bundled :) Start8?

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Yeah i had family work at a major international company and i have to off an don over the years and they have code written for use on XP / 2K

and they need their machine to run on very specific novel networking settings / clients and upgrading is just out of the question.

And the network is NOT exposed to the internet either it's just run from office to office basically and the custom software is for flashing

swipe cards used on doors and for remote controls etc so i usually get pissed off at mouthy spoiled brats out there that bad mouth old tech

because mom and dad bought them windows 8 with the next core i9 cpu / mobo and the next $1,000 gfx card.. newer does not mean better !

Experience has taught me that sometimes its better to just stop updating software. depending on the program of course.

RealNeo i think i seen a story at Neowin before about Samsung making their own start menu replacement so maybe Lenova made their own too ?



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bundled Windows 8 disc, which even includes software that brings back the Start menu

I'm curious which program did they bundled :) Start8?

We may never know which/what one it is until someone from an Enterprise work environment comes on here telling us ;)

It appears that Samsung made their own Start Menu replacement product named "Samsung S Launcher".

Possible Answer to the Lenovo one: http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/tkb/articleprintpage/tkb-id/[email protected]/article-id/25

IMO... Start8 is the best Start Menu replacement program for Win8 :D

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to make long story short , micosoft just complicated simple stuff for who knows what the real reasons behind it.

cheers . :)

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haha i might just have to buy a Lenova laptop just to show them they are on the right track :thumbsup:. MS wants to make things complicated instead of what should be done. Either way i am glad a company out there is doing what needs to be done to make consumers happy.

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@dcs18 you are spot on according to this,

Windows Blue got leaked a few days ago and, now that we know the changes that it might bring to the Windows ecosystem, all eyes are on Windows 9, the next full version of the Windows operating system.

Acer, Asus and Lenovo will all help Microsoft develop the next-generation Windows operating system, DigiTimes reports citing the “famous” sources from the upstream supply chain.

The Redmond-based technology giant is now putting the final touches on the integrated development program (IDP) for the upcoming OS, and selecting the companies to help design the platform was a priority.

What’s more, it appears that Acer and NVIDIA are currently discussing the possibility to jointly develop a device that would run the new Microsoft operating system, but no specifics are available for the time being.


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As much as I would like to see GameChanger stand up to Microsoft - I'm afraid, in the end one finds them deep-throating Microsoft (one way or the other.) :(

Here's lenovo, themselves - capitulating to Microsoft, on Windows 8:-

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