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Over 20 Windows 8-based tablets with Intel chips coming


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Intel has been almost locked out of the tablet market since Apple launched the first iPad in 2010. Most tablets have been using processors based on ARM designs. However, the launch of Windows 8 will also be Intel's biggest push into the tablet market.

Engadget reports that during Computex this week, Intel said that over 20 tablets with Windows 8 are in the works that will have some kind of Intel processor running things inside. That would seem to confirm earlier reports that while tablets that will run WindowsRT (also known as Windows 8 ARM) will be coming out as well, there won't be as many of them for Windows 8's launch compared to products based on Intel.

Of course, Intel has a ton of experience with previous versions of Windows and it's clear that they have worked closely with Microsoft to make sure Windows 8 runs well on their processors. WindowsRT is an all new OS for Microsoft and, as one might expect, having tablets running on that version of Windows 8 will take a little more effort.

The big question is whether or not all of these Windows 8-Intel tablets will find an audience. There have certainly been no shortage of tablets made for Android but for the most part, most of them have yet to sell well, with the possible exception of the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Source: Engadget

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