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First Nvidia GK110 Die-Shot


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It seems that Nvidia’s new GK110 monster GPU will have 2,880 CUDA cores. The specification details have reportedly been rumored and allegedly confirmed by contacts close to Nvidia.

Although this seems to be less than what a GeForce GTX 690 had to offer, the GK110 has a 50% wider memory interface that brings with it the increased memory bandwidth.

The insides of the GPU have also been tweaked and improved when compared with the currently semi-available GK104.

The GK110 GPUs have a special “HyperThreading-like” technology that practically allows the CPU to send multiple tasks towards the GPU, thus balancing any disproportion between the two.

We will come with more details later in a future article on this, but it is clear by now that the 7.1 billion transistors inside the GK110 are not just “added brute force.”

The rumored die-shot describes the GK110 as having 15 SMX streaming multiprocessors and each of those will have the same number of 192 CUDA cores, just as the GK104 has right now.

These aspects appear to have been confirmed by sources close to Nvidia.


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i dont know , but 7.1B transistors ! :wtf:

this is stunning now , but for years to come you could only imagine what would happen then

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