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[Giveaway] Steganos Internet Anonym 2012 Free Five License Key For 1 Year

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Steganos Internet Anonym will help users hide their real identity when browsing online sites. The combination of secure SSL encryption and a virtual private network (VPN) ensure you'll stay anonymous online. Surf websites without leaving behind a trace or any indication of yourself or your system.
Marketing companies and shop owners compile precise profiles of Internet users. What sites they surf, what links they click, what they do and don't do. In the end, they send you junk emails you don't want based on your consumer behavior and online activities.

Protect yourself from becoming an online victim. With Steganos Internet Anonym, what you do online remains concealed from others. After all, it's nobody's business whether you're looking for information, shopping or using P2P networks. Except for your own.

Steganos Internet Anonym ensures that your privacy is protected online, that nobody has unauthorized access to your data or personal information or can tap into it on insecure networks.
Here are some key features of "Steganos Internet Anonym":

Secure Internet Connection:
· Using the VPN technology (virtual private network), Steganos Internet Anonym makes a tap-proof, SSL-encrypted connection to the net. Neither your Internet provider, nor other people on your network or even WLAN hackers can see what you’re doing online.

Anonymous in the Fast Lane:
· It has to be fast, yet you don't want to make any compromises in security? No problem. With the new “fast lane” option, anonymity just got faster. You can activate this option at any time with a click of the mouse – your license already includes a free quota for this function.

Personal Data Protection:
· Every bit of information that concerns you calls for special protection. Steganos Internet Anonym prevents personal data from being unwillingly transferred. So your address and credit card data are always safe from abuse.

Anonymous Email:
· Use all the functionality of email without giving away any personal data, such as when you have to register at websites that require a confirmation email. With Steganos Internet Anonym, you can use disposable addresses as easily and comfortably as your own email client.

Safe Uploading:
· So you’d like to share your data with other people? Steganos Internet Anonym allows you to use file hosters such as Rapidshare completely anonymously. Upload your sensitive data to the Internet without leaving behind any traces that can be tracked. Sensitive information stays protected.

Security Down to the Last Detail:
· Steganos Internet Anonym offers numerous functions that give you even more security. For example, you can change your browser identification or country of origin in the extended stealth mode. Manage your browser cookies with custom settings. Block ads. Protect the program against unauthorized access with a password and much more.

Protection With Just One Click:
· It’s really easy to turn Steganos Internet Anonym on and off. With just one mouse click, you decide when you need special protection. One click is all it takes to make your Internet activities practically invisible so they can no longer be tracked by others.

· 50 MB of space on hard disk
· min. 1 GB RAM
· Internet connection

How To Enter The Competition:

Leave a comment (just one!)
Winners will be chosen at random by using random number generator (

Note: Your post number will be your number in the competition.

List of winners will be announced in 24 hours (18:00h UTC+3 7th May 2012)
Finally, the winners would send me their email address (over PM) and it will get a mail with link to their licenses.

Good luck!!

Random List

1_ HALiD
2_ broascadilie
3_ Magiddo
4_ 6enii
5_ rajeesh
6_ shivanand2989
7_ Hani_RS
8_ RocketMan
9_ zed
10_ hobbykiosk
11_ gren
12_ Scott
13_ Phinks
14_ jasonliul
15_ wisitor
16_ Supremo Phantom
17_ axarad
[email protected]
20_ Mehdi
21_ Oburos
22_ moakja
24_ Stealth111
25_ OptiX
26_ calguyhunk
27_ mana
28_ PrEzi
29_ Cataract Kid
30_ hakah
31_ Parad0x
32_ clubhouse
33_ tee
34_ bruizer456
35_ kien_vip
36_ genetix

37_ Server
38_ Criss Anger
39_ noddy4life
40_ dim505

41_ x3r0

42_ Maco91

43_ Laysson








Thanks to all the 43 of you who participated in the giveaway!!

Posted Image

Posted Image

Here are the winners from random.org.Congratulations to you!

[email protected]

8_ RocketMan

22_ moakja

20_ Mehdi

28_ PrEzi

Finally, the winners would send me their email address (over PM) and it will get a mail with link to their licenses.

Download Steganos Internet Anonym 2012

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A link ? To enter the competition ? ! Where can i see that ? :D

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A link ? To enter the competition ? ! Where can i see that ? :D

There is no external link i am giving my own keys here who leave a comment so you are on it.

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Ohhh ! Thanks a lot for the info ! U see,thats why i LOVE nsane forums ! Hoping to be one of the winners :D

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count me in, thanks!

I have missed the last promotion and I want to try this software

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Thank you please add me too...

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Count Me In :lol:

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Supremo Phantom

MIH, you sure are full of surprises my friend :) this is wonderful..

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