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New Apple store in Houston shot up by gunman


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An Apple store in Texas suffers a rain of bullets in what appears to be a random shooting spree.

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Houston melts hearts in the way few cities can. Yes, it takes years. But when it happens, your personal glow lasts a lifetime.

So there is a certain weight upon my soul in telling you that the new Apple Store in Houston's Highland Village suffered some bullet wounds yesterday.

According to KPRC in Houston, a gunman seems to have drifted along the very famous and really quite nice Westheimer Road -- home to such fine restaurants as Indika -- and fired at various cars and business establishments, including Apple's.

Fortunately, this appears to have happened between 4:40 a.m. and 5:40 a.m., so there are no reports of human casualties.

From KPRC's pictures, the Apple store suffered quite a few bullet holes. Indeed, the gunman appears not to have been a fanboy, as he shot the store in two separate areas. There was a security person inside the building, but he is reportedly unhurt.

A clerk at a nearby Chevron gas station was lucky that he moved away from his cash register just as a bullet sailed through the gas station's window.

One can only hope that this miscreant is caught quickly. Houston's image cannot be further besmirched with such random acts of pointlessness.

It's bad enough when myopic business people allegedly claim they would prefer to avoid the city, when it comes to conferences.

But to have your shiny new Apple store shot up is an act that can permanently damage any city's reputation -- especially when the city in question is trying very hard to prove itself more lovable than some might currently think.

:view:Original Article: CNET

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