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granted this isn't the place for health questions or anything like that now what i wanna know is whats the best way to be rid or speed up the healing process of a nasty sunburn? i mean its ok , there's no pussing anything nasty goin on but it just BURNS like HOLY HELL! i fell asleep in a pool haha. and the end result wasn't pretty :frusty: partied a little too hard :party:

Ive googled some articles of course, and most say the aloe Vera stuff, Ive used it before but this time around im broke and need some home remedy shyt lol :please:

i went to my moms house shes got tons of that Epsom salt. if i swipe some of that and use it in a bath with that help soothe my issue?

Ive tried lukewarm showers it helps but only for so long

:mad2:<-----im basically this color NO FUN INTENDED :eekout:


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astaxanthin. it's better for helping to prevent sunburns in the first place, but it will help the healing process.

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Keep patting the affected area with raw cucumber.

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Anything that moisturizes the skin really (panthenol, cucumber) or contains anti-oxidants (astaxanthin, 'tea-bag treatment')...

In that spirit: try taking a hot shower before you take any of these measures. Yeah, that's right, a hot shower. Whereas a cold shower might feel better at the moment, it will be worse in the long run. I know, I know, you got a sunburn, you can't take a hot shower. But yet, you can: just start a a comfortable (medium) temperature and incrementally increase the temperature to as hot as you can take. Just take a minute or two every time to get used to the new temperature. The hot shower will 'widen your skin' (or rather: open your pores) and allows the treatment to penetrate deeper into your skin (do it's work better).

So to sum up: hot shower, cucumber (only really useful for small areas, will take way too much time in your case I guess...) or anything else that will moisturize your skin and after that try the tea-bag treatment (use a lot of tea-bags to make really strong tea, allow the tea-bags and the tea to cool and 'apply' (both of) them on your skin, the tea bags you can just gently push or pad onto your body and you could use a dish towel soaked with the (strong & cooled) tea to 'apply it').

This will: (1) open your pores, (2) moisturize your skin and (3) apply anti-oxidants.

ps why anti-oxidants?

Studies on UVA and UVB sunlight have taught us that our cells essentially "shut down" when the damage caused by sunlight becomes too great. When certain kinds of skin cells (called keratinocytes) are overexposed to UVA and/or UVB sunlight, they experience metabolic stress, including one particular type of stress called oxidative stress. This stress can overload our antioxidant nutrient supplies, and it is one reason why we will tell you about the antioxidant-rich foods that can reduce your risk of sunburn. Damage to our DNA is also part of what happens in sunburn cell formation. In this situation, there may be a special role for nutrients that help protect our DNA and the foods that contain these nutrients. We'll tell you about these foods and what research has shown so far.

Source: http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=george&dbid=144

As vital as oxygen is to life, as damaging it can also be ;) (Individual cells can be 'hurt' by oxygen, much like how food spoils much faster when it is in contact with oxygen.)

pps sleeping in pools is no good. Sleep inside jacuzzi's, that's the real deal :P

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ill be willing to try..most of this lol thanks guys if you guys have any other suggestions by all means tell them :)

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OK, I'll give you the best remedy :)

Get some analgesics (the opiate kind) from your physician, and use them a few days until the skin is back to normal (I think there are Fentanyl patches or something available, so you don't even need to remember to take a pill). Smoke some (medicinal, of course) weed for added effect. Guaranteed effect ;)

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