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eBook Reader for PC


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Okay so here's the deal.. I just finished watching HOWL a few minutes ago and was looking for the original copy of HOWL by Allen Ginsberg for reading purposes.. but when I did, the only thing I found was in .EPUB and .MOBI format..

I ran across a page for the EPUB format which listed a few applications for viewing eBooks on a PC.. I also found an extension for Firefox which allows you to utilize the files within the program.. I downloaded and installed Adobe Digital Editions for this purpose.. found out that InDesign will save in the format.. and realized that PDF versions of the books also work within it.. Also found out there has to be an activation of the Digital Editions in order for the program to be able t share these files with devices and other computers...


I never thought I would need this as I don't plan on buying a Kindle or device.. nor did I think I would need to download Books which would only be in this format... Don't really want to convert everything all the time either and I may eventually have the need for a Digital Library more expansive of what it is now... Like getting real works.. if need be..

My question here is .. Are there any better programs for PC for these formats? any favorite programs? recommended?

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Check out Calibre. Terrific, free e-book management software. Not sure if it does everything you are looking for, but probably accomplishes most of it, with some stuff you haven't even thought of yet.


Good luck!

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I use Calibre if I need to convert anything for my Kindle. I now prefer reading on the Kindle than a paper book :o

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Yes if your on a Mac. Watch the video :D

The video is a Mac version. I just checked mine. Not much difference with the PC version.

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I use cool reader. Just wanted something simple and portable without installing. I know its not as popular as calibre, but that one seemed too bloated for my needs.


CoolReader 3.X is free open-source (GPL) multiplatform version under active development.

Supported platforms

Windows (Qt based GUI)
Linux (Qt based GUI)
Android (new)
Embedded versions: for e-Ink based devices. Use in Jinke/LBook V3/V5/V3+/V60, Azbooka N516
Common features, for all platforms

epub (non-DRM), fb2, txt, rtf, html, chm, tcr formats supported
Pages or scroll view
Table of contents
Text search
Hyphenation dictionaries
Most complete FB2 format support: styles, tables, footnotes
Additional fonts support (.ttf)
Can read books from zip archives
Automatic reformatting of .txt files (autodetect headings etc.)
Styles can be customised in wide range using external CSS

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