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Oppose S. 978, the new "Ten Strikes" bill


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Here they go again: Big business's lobbyists are launching another attack on Internet freedom. Senators are considering a "Ten Strikes" bill to make it a felony to stream copyrighted content -- like music in the background of a Youtube video -- more than ten times.

Will you urge your lawmakers to vote no?

Appologies if it's already posted. I just think it's so ridiculous and everyone should at least know about it.

The bill


Site and info to oppose the bill


Thanks :bruce:

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Staff Note: As of now, I've moved it to The Chat Bar.

It also brings video games. Means no one can even post a video walkthrough of any video games unless they get the permission from the game maker.

Seriously, don't this people have anything else to do other than to make sh*tty laws that uselessly support big companies?
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Gaming is what brought it to my attention. I spend a lot of time watching some great vids :o This is taken from Notch's blog (Minecraft creator)

I’ve received a few emails about Bill S.978, a new bill proposed in the USA, which would make it illegal under certain circumstances to share videos of copyrighted materials over the internet. The problem is that it appears to also make it illegal to upload videos of games, such as let’s plays and speed runs. And I love watching let’s plays and speed runs.

Here’s a great video on the subject I found via Reddit:

If the bill passes, I suspect many game companies (including us) will add a special clause to the TOS specifically to allow posting videos of their games. A huge part of why Minecraft has grown so fast is the YouTube community.

posted 1 day ago

Left the video in as it's quite informative.

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This was the same video that brought it to my attention. :P

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this is why you do not vote rino or democrat at all.

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Thanks for urging your lawmakers to oppose Senator Klobuchar's legislation to criminalize video and audio streaming. Nearly 150,000 of you have taken action -- and yesterday we learned that the powers that be are stunned by the opposition and are considering killing the bill.

We need your help once again: Demand Progress has spent months fighting a piece of legislation that's even worse than the streaming bill. We've been calling it the Internet Blacklist Bill because it will drastically increase the government's power to censor the Internet.

Will you click here to urge your lawmakers to oppose the Internet Blacklist Bill? It'll only take a second.

PROTECT IP would give the government the power to force Internet service providers, search engines, and other "information location tools" to block users' access to sites that have been accused of copyright infringement -- the initiation of a China-style censorship regime here in the United States. It has already passed the Senate Judiciary Committee -- we need to act right away.

We need to fight back fast -- please click here to ask your lawmakers to Reject The Protect IP Act.

Thanks for fighting for Internet freedom.

-- The Demand Progress team

P.S. The bill has already passed the Senate Judiciary committee. We need to gear up as much opposition as possible. Will you urge your friends to take action too?


We're forcing them to take our concerns seriously: Demand Progress members have sent more than 50,000 emails to Senators to urge them to oppose the Internet Blacklist Bill (the PROTECT IP Act). Now we're hearing back from them, and one thing is clear: Our emails are compelling Senators to start thinking hard about Internet freedom.

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