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DVDFab + 2d->3d Converter


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Dear Readers,

For those using this program, have you been able to get the 2d->3d Converter to work?

Just realized that I had this and testing it...

But after Input my music video and then edit the settings that I need to and click on "Start"

It takes me to the progress window, but hte thing is, despite the "Elapsed Time" moving... I don't think any actual progress is taking place.

I can see "Video Converter - Processing", but the WIndow that contains the log of what happens is blank.

Just thought I'd ask to see if others are experiencing this.

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Sorry for the bump, but just thought with the latest beta, I'm able ot start producing 3d Results.

But I'm still not able to optimally produce a correct Red/Cyan 3d Video.

Not sure if anyone else is using this feature, if so, shed some insight if possible.


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