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US Senate.gov hacked by LulzSec


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Over the past few weeks alone, there have been a variety of cases where there has either been a security breach with a company's systems or a set of hackers being arrested. Today it has been revealed that LulzSec, a seemingly upcoming group of people intent on testing the integrity of an organisation's digital security, have announced they have gained access to Senate.gov.


While the LulzSec group aren't particularly great fans of the United States government, they appear to have not revealed any information that would be of any particular use or interest to a computer user/political enthusiast. However, given that the site was able to be breached at all, questions have been raised over whether server security is being taken as seriously within the United States as previous statements have suggested.

Christopher M. Vontz, who is the server administrator for Senate.gov, was paid around $125,431 in 2010, with a clear pattern of increasing year on year. With this security breach of a public website, run institutionally by the United States, this will certainly stir up some hard feelings from within.

Cybercrime has become an almost every day news story in some form on technology and general news websites in recent weeks, with LulzSec targeting numerous companies and now a major world power's legislature website. LulzSec have no doubt become a prime target to those seeking perpetrators of cybercrime.

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