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multidownloads from rapidshare without premium acc


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I think Rapidshare is the one of the best one to share the file worldwide, except restrictions. There is some method to reduce the restrictations.

There is a way to download multidownload at the same time

Two tools are needed.

1-erasing internet history(System Mechanic 5 Professional)

2-ip chancing.(Hide IP Platinum 1.4)

the way is

1- start the firt your download at raidshare.

2- use the Hide IP Platinum to chance the proxy

3- use System Mechanic erase the history from clean section with clean up your


4-go to your second url on rapidshare to start download.

I tested it. but not 100% quarantee.

have a fun :unsure:

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Sounds good zeus but once I had been rejected because to many downloads in one hour...i use tor+privoxy, so i think it had been used before so gotta wait for another hour, WTH

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Guest justice4all

niice. i've started a similar thing with Window Washer and Steganos Internet Anonym 7 now. cheers! :lol:

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i wait til "happy hour" (9pm-11pm eastern-standard time) then just keep hitting F5 if it shows too many connections, and use a download manager to speed it up

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