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Twitter implements automatic URL shortener


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Twitter, in an unexpected move, has rolled out a new feature that's integrated into their main site by which a user who wishes to tweet can place a URL of any length, post the tweet and Twitter will automatically reduce that link down to 19 characters. The feature was available on the site several years ago, but was removed when Twitter underwent a redesign that users see today. The ability to add short URLs is nothing new to the regular users that tweet daily on the networking site; those that have used third party clients have perhaps already come across a feature such as this or an ability to shorten links from inside the program. What's different here though, is that anyone who is not so familiar with the idea of shortening URLs or perhaps new to the site, doesn't have to worry about their messages being too long for the 140 character limit.

Twitter has said on its official blog that it still won't have support for analytics. The majority of the users on Twitter may not know what that even does but for some, analytics are used to keep track of their most popular links. On the plus side, there's a security warning system in place, so if a link has been reported as malicious, Twitter will warn the user before proceeding.

Additionally today, Twitter announced the support for the Brazilian Portuguese language; the site already has language support for nine of the world's languages.

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Those who are unhappy with short urls may like this:


Not tested but is hosted on Mozilla addons and has good reviews. :rolleyes:

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