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Sony BMG internal network maps exposed


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Sony has been caught on the wrong end of a hackers agenda for the past few weeks. First their entire PlayStation Network was hacked with information stolen and quickly leaked to the Internet, then when the service was relaunched, the website was once again taken down due to an exploit.

Earlier today LulzSecurity managed to obtain the source code for Sony Computer Entertainment Developer Network and now they have also released internal network maps for all of Song BMG. While this release is not as damaging as the previous, these new maps can help others who wish to obtain information from Sony by providing insight on where to obtain key bits of data.

These attacks have shown that the Sony networks are unsecured and that the company is in serious need of an overhaul to its security protocol. This latest release shows that if you have given any information to Sony, it is imperative that you update your passwords on all of your accounts.

The continued attacks on Sony have unveiled a number of their key online servers being unsecured. Later today, Sony will take the stage at E3 and talk a little bit about the recent PSN outage.

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