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Process Lasso v5.0.0.24


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Process Lasso v5.0.0.24




Welcome to v5.0.0.24. I do have more work ongoing, but am launching this build with well tested changes I've been wanting to make for a while. The largest is that full memory optimizations in the core engine have been re-enabled. Some of these optimizations were disabled a while back as I evaluated a bug I'd seen. I tracked down and addressed the bug, and after some lengthy memory utilization testing, I am ready to release this build with them re-enabled. CPU utilization will be reduced a little, though it is only barely measurable as it was.

[.24]Change.GUI: Hide unavailable I/O priority column by default in 2K/XP (for new installs or listview reset)

[.24]Change.Installer: Don't warn about Terminal Services disabled

[.24]Change.Core: Decreased memory utilization in environments with a lot of processes

[.24]Change.Core: Re-enabled full memory optimizations, they had been disabled in a previous build while I studied utilization

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