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CCleaner for MAC released


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Following up on our previous announcement. We're pleased to announce that CCleaner for Mac has been released as a public beta version. We're working on more features and anticipate new releases every few weeks, with a final version out in a month or two. As this is a beta version, we recommend it for advanced users only.

OS support covers Mac OSX 10.5 and 10.6, along with all current versions of Firefox and Safari.

You can download now from www.piriform.com/mac/ccleaner.


EDIT: some pics from Piriform's website



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I don't use Mac but it is great news who ever use Mac thank you Jose


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cool, i will have to compare with OnyX and Clean my mac.

Mac need it? :P (sorry Bill ^^)

and yea they do, OSX loves creating logs and cache files and they take up lots of space after awhile

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Yeah my Macbook Pro & me are happy now.. :dance2: Thanks José for the heads up..:)

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Mac isn't perfect at all. This is his blessing and malediction in the same time.

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