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Malware sneaks by Google's Android Market gatekeepers again


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Twenty-six apps containing malware moved onto the Android Market over the weekend, according to Lookout Mobile Security.

In a blog post, Lookout said that it appeared that the malware was created by the same developers that launched DroidDream in March. Lookout added:

26 applications were found to be infected with a stripped down version of DroidDream we’re calling “Droid Dream Light” (DDLight). At this point we believe between 30,000 and 120,000 users have been affected by DroidDreamLight.

The malware compromises personal data and further highlights that Android’s Wild West-ish marketplace can be a significant handicap. The last time around, Google pulled the Android apps with malware and uninstalled them from phones.

The 26 apps come from Magic Photo Studio, Mango Studio, E.T. Tean, BeeGoo and DroidPlus.

These apps have components that are launched during incoming voice calls. There’s no need for a manual launch.

Google has to nail these malware apps down and block them at the gate. If not more curated efforts from the likes of Amazon are likely to be used.

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