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sprint samsung epic 4G


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for own use jsut got 2 of them may have another or two for family use.

anywya, looks to be a nice phone. what all can you tell me about it? places other then the offical apps and other stores for stuff. able to homebrew or that cheeze jalbreak word? what app protections i need for them? best buy people where saying the free one touch thingy apps (something like that with touch in it)

good apps for the droid? the must have ones etc. using 2.1 droid on it.

even though i used a cellphone from my work i really am a virgin when it comes to this stuff. like to hear all you guys and gals thoughts etc on it. thank you.

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okay read online and jailbreaking is name for apple only so its rooted/rooting for a droid. anyone done these things? what all would i be looking at etc at being an admin user super user etc?

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