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Non-intrusive background media player --- in 6.03kB !

ZEEPLAY Functions


Just drop this bizarre "everplayer" into your audio (or video) collection and let it roll ...

ZEEPLAY plays your audio & video files (currently MP3, WAV, MID, MPG and AVI files are supported) one by one (max 500) within the directory where ZEEPLAY is saved. Actually ZEEPLAY is a "one-button tray player": the only visible button is for stopping and restarting the stream (by mouse click). Thus ZEEPLAY is the easiest player ever created ... !

But ZEEPLAY can do much more than just continuous streaming. When cursor is moved to ZEEPLAY tray icon,

the current file and play position is shown in a tooltip. Now you can scroll forward and backwards the file by using the mouse wheel (or the RIGHT/LEFT arrow keys), or you can skip the current file and "jumpstart" the next one by keeping the mouse left click down for a second. The current file can also be replayed by the mouse middle click (or by the DOWN arrow key).

After the last file ZEEPLAY restarts again from the beginning. Files are played in alphabetically sorted order. You can exit ZEEPLAY by right-clicking the tray icon.

ZEEPLAY is so small that you can save the program wherever you wish without major overhead. Or you can save it once and use the Windows standard procedure to define ZEEPLAY as the default program for MP3, WAV, MID, MPG or AVI file types. And why not use ZEEPLAY together with ZEEVIEW, the ultra- lite jpg image viewer) --- the Mazzical Twins are at your service !

Don't be betrayed -- but "Be Trayed" :) with the new ZEEPLAY "everplayer" !


General Notes


The download package ("ZEEPLAY.zip") contains this document and "ZEEPLAY.exe". No installation is needed,

just unzip these files to your hard disk.

ZEEPLAY uninstall: just delete these files.



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