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'Incognito' is a CD that allows you to browse, blog, email and chat in complete anonymity wherever you happen to be. Simply find a computer, insert the CD, boot from it and start working anonymously. 'Incognito' has similar aims to the Anonymity Anywhere CD, but is currently a superior solution both in terms of size (less) and security (more). You can download it from our download page. 'Incognito' is maintained by Pat Double .

View : HomePage

Download : Incognito LiveCD

Download : Incognito Tiny LiveCD



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Download Links were not provided.

[b]View :[/b] [url="http://anonymityanywhere.com/"][b]HomePage[/b][/url]
[b]Download : [/b][url="http://anonymityanywhere.com/livecd/incognito-i686-r182.iso"][b]Incognito LiveCD[/b][/url]
[b]Download : [/b][url="http://anonymityanywhere.com/livecd/incognitotiny-i686-r182.iso"][b]Incognito Tiny LiveCD[/b][/url]

Generally its prefered to use the


to reference the images.

But good to see a post from ya. :)

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