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SoftMaker Office 2008


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[Giveaway] SoftMaker Office 2008


SoftMaker Office contains a TextMaker (Word), Presentation (Powerpoint), PlanMaker (excel spreadsheets), and BasicMaker (Macro writer). All this in under a size of 45 Megabytes so it can load in an instant. It even comes with a quickstarter, but it may not be needed with the incredible speed of SoftMaker Office.

Even with its amazing speeds it still leaves you with the ability to drag and drop arrange icons for a userfriendly interface. If loss of files has you worried about this wonderful product then don’t be worried as SoftMaker Office has full compatibility for Microsoft Office formats and OpenDocument Formats.

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Source: tipradar.com

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As I recall the 2008 version isn't compatible with MS Office 2007 files though. It's a decent product nonetheless.

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