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Mozilla follows Chrome with add-on to hide navigation bar


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As we showed you yesterday, recent prerelease builds of Chrome 13 have an experimental new user interface option that allows users to hide the navigation bar. But Google isn't the only browser vendor trying to shed toolbar pixels. Mozilla Labs has published an add-on that brings a similarly svelte design to the Firefox Web browser.

The new add-on, which is called LessChrome HD, can be installed in Firefox 4. It will cause all of the toolbars below the tabs to automatically hide when they aren't in use. The toolbars will emerge when the user's mouse cursor moves over a tab or when an empty tab is active. It will also show up briefly when the user switches tabs. Unlike the equivalent Chrome feature, the LessChrome add-on doesn't try to reduce the horizontal space consumed by the popup toolbars.

The LessChrome HD add-on is an experiment that is intended to shed light on how this kind of interface reduction impacts usability. There is no plan yet to incorporate it into future versions of the browser, though it could hypothetically happen someday.

Much like Chrome's hidden navigation bar option, the LessChrome add-on seems well-suited for netbooks and other environments with constrained screen space. One inherent advantage of this feature in Firefox compared to Chrome is that Firefox's toolbar customization natively allows users to put whatever user interface elements they want in the tab bar. This means that the user can selectively choose the features that they want to have persistently visible even when the toolbars are hidden.

The idea behind LessChrome comes partly from an ongoing Mozilla Labs experiment called Home Dash that offers a radically unconventional HUD-style navigation and tab management interface. Home Dash goes much further than other browsers in streamlining on-screen interface elements, but the changes it brings would likely be too extreme to appeal to regular users. LessChrome HD reflects a more pragmatic and incremental approach to interface reduction.

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Not bad. Seems good. :)

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@all, In general, this project is absurd, has long been known for a style for Stylish that will automatically hide any toolbar. Determine the id of the toolbar with DOM Inspector. There is no need to install LessChrome HD.

#navigator-toolbox:hover > #nav-bar{display:-moz-box;}

@BobbyKidd, Try this style

#navigator-toolbox:hover > #roboform-bar{display:-moz-box;}

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Just one problem, what do you do to get it back with the first script? Nothing seems to activate it..( first script didn't try the second one )

There are actually two Extensions from Prospector...I noticed.. each one individualized for type of usage.. ( Haven't found the one for Iron/Chrome yet.. )

EDIT: Actually this could be because of other configurations instead.. I use Shortcut Keys.. I hide everything including Tabs and Tab Bar... ( Screenshot available for an idea.. )

I am not for sure if these are related in any way or not.. BUT when I use Full screen.. if I click on a link or navigate in anyway.. it Restores the window down.. and if I maximize the browser.. ( Because of other adjustments and extensions..I think ) it is full screen.. During FS however.. when the AwesomeBar retracts.. it goes too far and I lose the top of my screen...( Maximized does not ) but I think this is because I have hidden the TabBar.. and like I said a few other things..

I like it because it goes farther than MiniMode.. in the way of offering autohide for the AwesomeBar.. While MiniMode must have a Key to hide and show without option of AutoHide.. so its a winner in my book...

Awesome for minimal appearance.. and usage characteristics.. :thumbsup: Great just like it is.. but there maybe other considerations.. My Add-on bar has two extensions and possible script that can be used for it.. already.. So I am not for sure.. ( we should do a FF Custom thread.. LOL )

Anyway.. YEAH.. loving it so far.. Nothing but screen..

EDIT2: Almost forgot one thing.. I use Status-4-Evar Extension.. in which I utilize the URL area for status.. and a Fission type load bar.. similar to what I did in FF3... The only complaint I have there is that the AwesomeBar sometimes hides before the load is finished.. and my Mouseover on links do not appear there either. all works fine but hides.. :P ( Imagine That .. LOL ) Maybe a key to show... if needed.. Released to hide manual action ... :dunno: would be nice.. F6 does work to show.. but because of the manner of function.. it only shows the current URL.. :think:

EDIT3: Shortcut Key Ctrl + L, and Ctrl + K and added function given when using Ctrl + T..will call the AwesomeBar HD back.. The more I use the more and more I like.. - Just have to find the stuff ( Like the Blog by Edward Lee about the Keys good looking site too )

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