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uTorrent Ultra Accelerator 2.2.0


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uTorrent Ultra Accelerator 2.2.0


How about getting that uTorrent download speed rocket high? uTorrent Ultra Accelerator is an valuable add-on module for one of the most in demand p2p clients worldwide. This plug-in fits flawlessly into uTorrent native client to ensure extra augmentation to its central features. Though very small, its architecture allows it to upgrade your searching and squeeze the maximum of speed from your file-sharing program. Another reason for uTorrent Ultra Accelerator being requisitory is the bandwidth of your Internet connection which gets a proper management. So – better Internet connection, faster downloads and more sources to download from in a single package! And let’s be honest – who doesn’t want their download speed even faster than it already is?

uTorrent Ultra Accelerator is the perfect tool for downloading your favourite movies, music, games and other files at an incredible speed. You can check the info about the status of your downloads in the main window. The app will quickly find its deserved place on your PC and you won’t even have to bother with it – it’s efficient, discreet and takes extremely small space on your computer. Even its interface is neat, compact and practical for both novices and advanced users.

You can download and use Torrent Ultra Accelerator for FREE and save your worries – the app is 100% CLEAN! NO ads, adware, spyware, Trojans or any other malware hidden!

uTorrent Ultra Accelerator offers:

  • Simple, intuitive, easy-to-work-with interface;

  • Automatically resuming of paused downloads;

  • Saving configuration from last run and auto loading on start-up;

  • Removing of complete and invalid files;

  • Improved searching at user-specified intervals;

  • NO adware or spyware.

System Requirements:

  • uTorrent installed;

  • Windows 95/98/98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP/VISTA x32/x64/WINDOWS7 x32/x64

  • Internet connection.


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I don't see this making a big difference in speed for those of us in the very low end of broadband. The theoretical maximum download speed on my 1mbit connection (yes, it's slow, but it beats the dialup I had for years), is 125k/s. If I download the latest Unbuntu distro, I top out at about 114k/s, with approximately 7k/s for overhead. I don't see a lot of room for improvement.

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