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Defraggler v1.00.031 Beta


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Defraggler is our new disk defragmentation tool.

It supports all OSs from Windows 2000 onwards, and is one of the few portable defrag tools. This makes Defraggler a "must have" program for your computer.

Screenshots: (Click to view)

df1.png df2.png df3.png df4.png


  • Defrag Individual Files
  • Compact and Portable
  • Vista Support
  • Locate Files on the Drive

ChangeLog v1.00.031:

  • Fixed rare crash caused by 4GB files on FAT32 drives
  • Added debug mode "/debug"
  • Added option to save list of fragmented files to a text file
  • Improved error messages for unsupported systems
  • Minor text tweaks and fiddly fixes

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