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Down For Everyone Or Just Me?


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Whenever you try to visit a website and it doesn’t come up, it means the site is either totally down or some aspect of your connection (ISP, DNS, etc.) has a problem. As a very simple way to test where the problem lies you can use the appropriately named site: Down For Everyone Or Just Me.

I have often see people on nsanedown asking for help as they are not able to visit nsanedown due to some problem you can try it out to see" if there is really a problem or it's just you"

Usage is simple, just type the URL you are having problems with and this site will attempt to make a connection to it. If it can, then the problem is on your end. I guess the only question here is what happens if this site is having ISP or DNS issues…

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Been using this for about a year and a half now. It really comes in handy when your trying to find out if it's just you or if it's down for everyone...obviously.

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Love this site, comes in use so much!

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