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Managing a Server through a MAC


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Well, I do a "mini" IT for a company (they have a few computers) and they had a mac laying around doing absolutely nothing. Its not the weakest kind either, its a dual/quad (i dont remember) 4 gigs of ram mac pro.

They asked me to do something with it, and was wondering if it could be used as a sorta server ish. I wanted to use it to scan the computers on the network (not sure which a/v to use)

So, can this be done, and if so, how?

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Not sure about the scanning thing, but I think you could make it a file server, if the guys need such stuff. It would be also pretty much suited for design, so they could hire a designer to make advertising for them, plus other useful stuff.

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Mac says it's for design but that is a lie, everyone knows it takes 2 years to render anything on a mac because they always come with some lame gpu or none at all. Besides, all the best graphics tools are designed for the Windows platform, Adobe Master Collection, Maxon Cinema 4D, Autodesk 3ds Max, NuTek LightWave, Blender, Zbrush, CinemaCraft HD Encoder, etc. They all work faster on Windows anyday. You can load an i7 on a pc and it will still cost less than a Mac and it will render much faster.

You can get Mac OS X Server and install it, then use the system as a server of some sort. Maybe you can install a network antivirus or use it for internal email server, I dunno. For the network anti-virus you will need to use one that supports an OS X server, the anti-virus client does not have to be for mac. Try eset business edition, or symantec endpoint. I'm not certain they will work but just suggesting so you can investigate.

Take a look at some of these ebooks to learn more stuff. Well you can just browse through until you find something that interests you.




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