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xSpeechKit – Enter Text In Chrome Using Speech (Voice Commands)


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The freedom to enter text by simply speaking to your computer screen ...

.The xSpeechKit is a Google Chrome extension that gives you this feature for all input boxes appearing in pages that you open using Chrome .

The extension automatically recognizes most input boxes on a newly opened webpage.

Once installed, a small mic icon appears in the input boxes that the extension is built to recognize. Simply click on the mic and wait for it to prompt you to speak. Once 'Speak now' appears, speak the text you want to enter and it will appear in the box. It uses your Windows audio settings to recognize which mic you're using (in case you have more than one mic plugged in and available).

The extension recognizes input fields like search boxes (in Google, Bing or Yahoo). It also recognizes form fields like the ones that usually appear when you're signing up for a new email account. It will recognize search bars in Wikipedia and YouTube, however, it may or may not recognize the Wikipedia and YouTube search bars that appear in Google Search results. Only fields that let the user input text are recognized; it does not allow the user to speak options from dropdown menus. The extension also recognizes email input fields, however, character support for common symbols like the comma (,), Period (.), and (@) and dash(_) symbols are not available. It's best used to enter text in search fields. It does not recognize password input fields.

Download xSpeechKit

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