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digitally altered pictures


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the thread should be okay

if not then mods... edit, move, or erase if you have too. thank you

swirly pattern

this thread was a bit hard to pick a place to place it at. i figure this was a best one.

i find it interesting that they can easy undo the swirly pattern for masking. its freaken freak how good they did it. what i was wondering is if we, the people, are able to get access to software that makes different maskings and un makes them. im guessing different software for each type of masking and to make / unmake them. would it be possible to unmask a video file? as in jap anime? this is basically just curiousness so that i would know it on a mindful level.

has anyone really mess with different types of masking and unmasking? i am guessing it takes a bit of time to do that stuff.

btw this jackazz in the photo link is toast if he isnt already dead

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lets say ur the police. u have 1 distorted 'high resolution' photo. u have the case in which the guy is the suspect.

then u ask adobe or corel or who knows who for the algorithm for twirling the image (thats how the effect in the yahoo pic is named, 4 example). and voila, reverse it till the resolution permits it.

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The man, whose face initially was disguised behind a digitalized swirl, is now thought to be on the run in Thailand, Interpol said. He is said to be an English teacher at a school in South Korea.

The man was allegedly shown sexually abusing 12 young Vietnamese and Cambodian boys, apparently ranging in age from 6 to early teens, in about 200 photographs posted on the Internet. Using techniques that neither they nor Interpol would discuss, German police recreated an image of the man's face and released four reconstructed photos of him last week.

so im takin gits not simple software then.

anyway, be nice to get the digital blur software to unmask it. i like to test it on raw anime :notworthy:

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