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Macbook Pro keyboard


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God im starting to hate the living SH!T out of these macs. They're so useless!

Anyways, i ordered a "brand new" keyboard off ebay, payed a good 150 bucks for it too, and all the keys work fine except the M key. Ridiculous. I had it expressed shipped (additional 30 dollars) to have it fixed ready to go, and now this.

So, I was wondering what i could do to fix this.

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Welcome in the Apple world. In Poland we have very popular blog (appplefobia.blox.pl) where we laughing about appple crap. Because THIS IS a chinese crap, but in nice package with all this narketing buzz and prices from fantasy mind.

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Just send it back and patiently wait for a new one. Be calm. It happens to PCs also, there's no guarantee that what you buy is not dead on arrival.

Send back, get new one. Do not lose the warranty trying to fix it yourself !

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